Sueddeutsche Zeitung: the President of Ukraine subjugates judicial system

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Ukraine has made almost no progress, the head of state seeks to control the judiciary, as did his predecessors, writes in an article for the German daily newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung journalist and commentator Florian Kassel.

«Adopted in June 2016, the reform of the judicial system progressed, public organizations and opponents of the President have to deal with SBU or Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko: Poroshenko appointed the head of the faction of his party, who was his friend, the attorney-General, although Lutsenko and has no legal education,» the author notes.

Kassel writes that the supporters of reforms in Ukraine require a reboot of the judicial system since the removal of former President Viktor Yanukovych and the revolution of dignity, to overcome the total corruption, but in the meantime to change the situation fails.

«Was doubtful and the process of appointing new members to the Supreme Court which is the highest instance for all criminal matters, civil litigation, administrative law and process in the economy. When former judge Mykhailo Zhernakov, a member of the Public Council of integrity, analyzed the proposed candidates, the result was disappointing: 79 of 319 the so-called exemplary of the judges had previously been involved in political processes supported by the wrongful steps of ousted President Yanukovych and ignored the decision of the European court of human rights,» – emphasizes the journalist adds that, according Zhernakova belonging to these candidates for the Supreme Court the assets could not be purchased for the official salary.

He notes that of the 120 winners of the competition for the position of judge of the Supreme Court, according to the representative of the Center of counteraction of corruption Anastasia Krasnoselskaya, 30 compromised themselves, are not independent and probably corrupt. The journalist criticizes the article and the independence of judges of the constitutional court, which appear in the «barn books» of the Party of regions.

«The attorney General Lutsenko refuses to open cases against likely corrupt judges of the constitutional court. Judges cannot be held accountable for by their sentences. Controlled Poroshenko, the Supreme Council of justice also did not take any measures against them,» says Kassel.

The journalist added that the President is not prepared to discuss a bill to create an anti-corruption court, which is in the Parliament on 1 February, and the electronic Declaration and the work of the National anti-corruption Bureau to be inefficient because of the imperfect judicial system.

«Starting in 2016, the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office filed 75 criminal proceedings on corruption charges – a trial commenced only a third of production,» – emphasizes the author.

Among the shortcomings of the justice system in Ukraine, he also notes that the office of the Commissioner for human rights remains vacant for several months, but supporters of the reforms point to the shortcomings, dealing with the authorities.

Today, the Supreme Council of justice announced the decision to recommend Poroshenko 111 candidates for appointment to the post of judges of the Supreme Court. The full list of candidates for the posts of judges of the Supreme Court can be found on the official website of the High Council of justice.

On 27 July the Supreme qualification Board of judges (vkks) of Ukraine defined winners of competition for the 120 posts of judges of the new Supreme Court. CCG notes that had interviews at colleges with 381 as a candidate.

The participants received vocational and psychological tests, examination of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, the National Agency for prevention of corruption and Public integrity Council.

July 31, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine said that the integrity of some of the winners of the contest in doubt.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung: the President of Ukraine subjugates judicial system 29.09.2017

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