Students-the geeks received the presidential scholarship

Smart kids Ukraine Nov 10, received a presidential scholarship. Winners of scholarships of steel 270 young geniuses from across the country, is told in the plot of the TV channel «24».

For example, in the works of odinnadtsatiklassnikov Nastya – two inventions designed to help the Ukrainian soldiers at the front. This pendant stretchers for ambulances and design, which diffuses the smoke from the stoves.

And Maxim got a scholarship for scientific work about theatre as a means of rehabilitation of people with disabilities. Despite the disability, guy is actively involved in creativity. For the school play «All mice love cheese» selected the music and edited the video.

Young inventors and winners of competitions during the year will receive 1243 hryvnia every month.

By the way, the presidential scholarship to the clever students awarded since 2006. During this period it received more than 3 thousand Ukrainian geeks.

Earlier it was reported about six-year-old Prodigy from Kharkov, who read 200 encyclopedias and already conducting its own experiments.

Students-the geeks received the presidential scholarship 11.11.2016

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