Students of Dragomanov University achieved its goal and stopped the protest

Students of National pedagogical Dragomanov University ceased to protest in one of the University buildings down the street Bulvarno-Kudryavskaya, 49, which took six days to prevent his rent furniture store. About this informed the head of the student Council NPU Lev Levitsky on his page in Facebook.

The University administration has officially confirmed the absence of lease agreements and pledged to listen to the students.

Also, students were given information about what the previous tenant had indeed moved out, leaving behind a debt in the amount of UAH 302 818. 95 COP. Rector Viktor Andrushchenko was promised that the room will be given for educational projects on a competitive basis. The rector also agreed to a public meeting with students, which will be held in the international students ‘ day, 17 November at 14:00 in the auditorium of the Central building.

«The only thing we still not received, this is document about the lease of the other premises of the University, reporting services, which checked the activities of NHRIs, and copies of labor books of employees gamely and Bidenko. The latter requirement is not legal because they refused to provide personal information, at least strange, if not suspicious. The first two points will be conducted using parliamentary inquiries, so you insist on them made no sense. Requests already in process,» wrote Levitsky.

The head of the student Council promised that the students vacate the premises and to the dinner on 10 November: «Our fight goes into the plane of the official inquiries, dialogue and documentation. On this # Noprotect is evolyutsioniruet», — he wrote.

Students of Dragomanov University achieved its goal and stopped the protest 10.11.2016

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