Students made a film tribute to Kuzma Skryabin

The students of the Kyiv national University of theatre, cinema and television named after Karpenko-Kary has also directed a short film about the childhood of the leader of the group «Skryabin» Andrey Kuzmenko.

The script picture «penguin Dance» tells an episode from school life into music and boys based on memories of my mother, the singer Olga Kuzmenko, published in the book «My path of Ptah» («My dear bird»), reports Сultprostir.

The role of the strict teacher that does not support young talent, has performed the famous Ukrainian theater and film actress Rimma zyubina. The film is dedicated to the artist was made by Vladimir Karaba, the cinematographer Daniel Khomich. Kuzma role played Gordey Denisenko.

«An expressive reconstruction of the homely life of the early 80s and painfully familiar to so many of those who studied in the Soviet school, the atmosphere of lawlessness, helplessness before the arbitrariness of little tyrants from the teacher’s allows the authors to show how the passion for creativity helps us to stand against injustice and to gain human dignity,» he shared with Cultprostir Alexander Gusev,film critic.

We will remind, the singer Kuzma Skryabin died on 2 February in a road accident in the Dnepropetrovsk region near the village Lozovatka.

President Petro Poroshenko was posthumously awarded the singer the order «For merits» of I degree.

1 October in Lutsk established the first in Ukraine monument to Kuzma.

Students made a film tribute to Kuzma Skryabin 24.02.2016

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