Students-immigrants to get a scholarship: academic or social

Starting from 1 January 2017 students-immigrants to obtain social grants. This is stated in the Cabinet decree №1045 as of December 28, 2016, which refers to the governmental press service.

It is noted that social scholarships are awarded from the date of treatment to the entire period of study, but not longer than until the student is 23 years.

«The right to social scholarship is given to students (cadets) who do not receive academic scholarships, are not in public care and are not on academic leave, from the number of: children registered as internally displaced persons (until the end of the training in such institution, but not longer than until they reach 23 years), in accordance with article 44 of the law of Ukraine «On higher education», — the document says.

The amount of social fellowship will vary in the range of 750 — 2000 hryvnia, depending on the accreditation level of the institution.

As has already been soundmagus, Rana Ukrainian government
approved a new procedure for the appointment of scholarships depending on the students ‘ progress.

Students-immigrants to get a scholarship: academic or social 14.01.2017

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