«Struck several blows with a stick on the lower back». Published sentence Krysino involved in the murder of journalist Veremiya

In the Unified state register of judicial decisions, on 29 December published the verdict of the jury Krysino involved in the murder of journalist Vyacheslav Veremiya in 2014.

On 22 December the Shevchenkovskiy district court of Kiev recognized the Rat guilty of disorderly conduct. The defendant in a murder case was sentenced to four years imprisonment with a probation period of two years.

According to the text of the sentence, the court found that on February 17, 2014 Krysin «received an order from an unidentified person paid to participate in preventing the participants of peaceful rallies held on independence square in Kiev, which was to attract civilians (the so-called titushky) to prevent their free movement in the Central part of Kyiv city».

Krysin has pledged to find people.

«18.02.2014 at about 14.00 accused… according to appointment met with an unidentified person in the office last… and got from the last policy to prevent 18.02.2014 opportunities for the free movement of protesters from Maidan Nezalezhnosti to the side of the Lvov area. In this unidentified person said that brought […] (Rat. – «GORDON») civilians must prevent the free movement of protesters at the intersection of streets Vladimir and Big Zhitomir in Kiev. On the same day… the accused and other unidentified persons at about 22.00 gathered at the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky on Sofiyskaya square in Kiev, where the accused received from an unidentified person a wooden bat for use against peaceful protesters, which will go from Mikhaylovskaya square in Kiev to Lviv square in Kyiv», – said in the text of the judgment.

It is noted that Krysin «was not aware of the intentions of the other participants on their application against protesters firearms and had only intended to follow the instructions of unknown persons to prevent protesters in the Central part of Kyiv city».

In the text of the court decision stated that on February 18, 2014 at 23.57 the intersection of streets Vladimir and Big Zhitomir in Kiev drove a Skoda Octavia, from which the journalist of «Vesti» Veremey began shooting on a mobile phone.

«Not wanting to give fix their illegal actions, not established by the result of the persons from hooligan promptings have decided to stop the car and unreasonably cause injury to persons who were in the car so they could not commit their actions. With this purpose, one not established by a consequence persons threw a stun grenade at the car, the explosion which caused it to stop and damage. Immediately after the other unidentified person, acting intentionally with the purpose of intentional damage to property, namely the Skoda Octavia… using wooden batons, sticks, showing a firearm and threatening to use it… started to damage the car, striking the glass and the body, the result of which was caused by damage from the four sides of the body impact type and bullet damage in the floor panel and the ceiling… In this case the accused together with others not established consequence to persons, showing obvious disrespect for society, neglecting the universal rules… and morality, using an insignificant occasion – video, which was held… on your mobile phone, without apparent reason, based on obvious disrespect for society, accompanied by special impudence, that is, from hooligan motives, struck multiple blows with a wooden baton (bat) […] (Veremiy. – «GORDON») on the body and legs», – said in the text of the sentence.

It is noted that the applied Rat and other aunts bumps Veremey fell, receiving the following injuries: «the wound in the right eyebrow and the right parietal region, hemorrhage into the skin and soft tissues of the right suprascapular and scapular areas, in the right lumbar region, abrasions to right hand, right leg and knee joints.»

After that, according to the text, Krysin and aunts «left the scene of the crime.»

It is noted that approximately 00.04 Veremey «got up and tried to escape from the attackers».

«Seeing this, an unknown person without prior arrangement with the defendant… fired from an unknown firearm» in Veremiya, «inflicting a gunshot wound from which he lost consciousness.» 19 Feb Veremey was taken to Kyiv city clinical emergency hospital where from the received gunshot wounds has died.

«At the hearing, the defendant… guilty of the alleged criminal offense he fully recognized,» – said in the verdict.

Krysin told the court that «he had his own security Agency and had many friends.»

«On February 17, 2014, he called his friend earlier… and asked to find 200-300 people for the protection of public order in the government quarter, however, he found only about 15 people. 18.02.2014 in the evening he, along with found them gathered in St. Sophia square in Kiev, there were about 200 people… They’ve all been given bits and they went to the intersection of streets Vladimir and Big Zhitomir. Subsequently began shooting, exploding stun grenades. The defendant did not shoot, the weapon he had. Later he saw a car drove up the Skoda grey from where someone threw a grenade and the car drove off. After some time drove Skoda grey color, this car stopped, because he believed that this is the car from which at them throwing grenades. When the car stopped, the surrounding began to beat him. The people who were in the car, started to run, defendant ran over one of the passengers, and when I overtook him and struck several blows with a stick on the lower back and a few punches and told other people not to touch it,» – said in the text of the decision.

It is noted that, as it turned out, it was Veremey. After that, says the decision, «journalist is fired from a gun PERSON_14».

«For the protection of public order… paid to the accused on 20 thousand dollars, and the latter later gave to the people, which found… 1000 UAH. Repent of their deeds. In full recognition of his guilt… his fault incriminated in the Commission of a criminal offence proved by the testimony of victims, witnesses provided by the parties to criminal proceedings written evidence,» – said in court.

The journalist of the newspaper «Vesti» Vyacheslav Veremey was killed during the revolution of dignity – in the night of February 19, 2014 in the center of Kiev. He was returning home from work in a taxi. The car was stopped by aunts, pulled passengers and started beating them.

Too soft sentence Krysino caused outrage in the Ukrainian society. December 25 at independence square in Kiev was held a rally to demand a fair sentence Krysino. December 28, the Prosecutor General’s office has filed an appeal against a suspended sentence Krysino.

«Struck several blows with a stick on the lower back». Published sentence Krysino involved in the murder of journalist Veremiya 29.12.2017

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