Strauss-Kahn and Aslund was a member of the Supervisory Board of the Bank Pinchuk

Bank «Credit Dnepr», controlled by Ukrainian businessman Viktor Pinchuk, son-in-law of the President of Ukraine in the years 1994-2005 Leonid Kuchma, formed a new Supervisory Board of six people, four independent members of which became known to international economists Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Anders Aslund, Jean-Pierre Saltiel, Alex Munteanu.

According to the report on the Bank’s website on Wednesday, 3 February 2016, with two more directly representative of shareholder became Executive Director of investment and consulting group EastOne, combining the assets of Pinchuk, Mikhail Tsarev and Executive Director on investment activity EastOne Andrey Dudnik.

«Today we’ve got a great opportunity to build the development strategy of the Bank, drawing on the unique experience of the world’s leading economists and financiers and practices in accordance with the best international standards,» found in release «Credit Dnepr», the Chairman of the Board Olena Malinska.

It clarifies that the head of the Supervisory Board was Angelica.

Strauss-Kahn – French economist and politician, head of the International monetary Fund in 2007-2011

Åslund, a Swedish economist and former diplomat, living in America and a leading international expert on national economies of Ukraine, Russia and countries of the former USSR.

Saltiel French economist, President of Rothschild Conseil International in 1998-2004 he Worked at the French foreign Ministry, held the position of Deputy Director of Credit Industriel et Commercial, was a partner at Maison Lazard et Cie.

Munteanu, managing Director of the regional equity Fund Europe Virgin Fund (EVF), organized by the investment company «dragon Capital». Holds the positions of Chairman of the Supervisory Board in Portmone and «Prime Group», «Chumak» and «VENBEST».

Bank «Credit Dnepr» was founded in 1993. The sole shareholder of the financial institution on 7 December 2015 the company was «Brancroft Enterprises limited», 100% of the share capital owned by the company Paramigiani Management Limited (both — Cyprus). In turn, 99% of Paramigiani Management Limited directly and 1% indirectly owned by Viktor Pinchuk.

In mid-December, the Bank’s shareholder adopted decision on increasing its Charter capital by UAH 686 million, or 82%, to UAH 1.5 bn by issuing additional shares. The previous increase share capital by UAH 250 million was completed in July of 2015.

According to the national Bank of Ukraine, on October 1, 2015, by size of total assets (7,413 billion UAH) the Bank «Credit Dnepr» took the 23rd position among Ukrainian banks 123.

In early January 2016 NBU ranked the financial institution Pinchuk «banks, share of assets greater than 0.5% of total assets of the banking system», i.e. the big banks exclusively of Ukrainian origin. Total — 13.

Strauss-Kahn and Aslund was a member of the Supervisory Board of the Bank Pinchuk 04.02.2016

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