Stratfor: the jihadists destroyed in Syria a Russian military air bases

Experts of American company Stratfor stated that the Russian VKS Syrian air base T-4 Et-Ties seriously affected by the unknown attacks. According to preliminary data, destroyed four helicopters and 20 trucks with ammunition, the report said on the organization’s website.

Perhaps the attack is the group «Islamic state», reports

T4 is the air base in HOMS province near Palmyra, near the roads leading to the cities of Deir al-Zour, raqqa, Damascus and others. It is alleged that Russian troops quartered there from March 2016. Out of combat helicopters flew sorties to support the offensive of the Syrian army.

The experts have provided satellite imagery of 14 may, which destruction on the basis of no. And in the pictures from may 17 are the burnt skeletons of helicopters in a row on the runway. It is assumed that these are the remains of Mi-24 helicopters. Also the picture shows a damaged building supplies, 20 trucks and damaged a MiG-25. Data on dead and injured there.

On the basis, as stated in the report, was hit several times, presumably, it was artillery bombardment. After that, the group «Islamic state» in his statement of 14 may accurately described the object of attack and technique that were there. This is what led analysts to the conclusion that the attack is «IG».

As previously reported, in a series of bomb blasts on 23 may in the Syrian city of Jableh, in the province of Latakia and Tartus (administrative center of the governorate of Tartus) on the Mediterranean coast, killing more than 120 people. Most of the dead were civilians. Responsibility for seven bombings in Syria have taken on the militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state». According to the jihadists, they were alawites living in these cities.

Stratfor: the jihadists destroyed in Syria a Russian military air bases 24.05.2016

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