Stern. The Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany: «the Russians have finally to fulfill obligations»

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andrey Melnik accused the rebels in constant violations of the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine and Russia are in opposition to sending peacekeepers there. «The precondition for all political action is full compliance with the ceasefire. But it held only a few weeks in the autumn, and now the Ukrainian army is again subject to daily shelling, he said in his interview to German magazine Stern. And the separatists using weaponry, which, according to Minsk agreements, should not be posted on contact line».

On the argument of the edition that the separatists argue the same thing about the Ukrainian army, Melnyk responded that «the Ukrainian authorities have long been eager to enter the Donbass UN peacekeeping mission, but Russia, having veto power, unfortunately, blocking a decision in the UN security Council».

Commenting on the recent meeting between assistant Secretary of state for European Affairs Victoria Nuland , adviser to the Kremlin by Vladislav Surkov, Miller expressed hope that «the Russians may have been given to understand that they have obligations». «They have a few months to signal that they are interested in defusing the situation in the Donbas, but nothing changes, — draws the attention of the diplomat. — Ceasefire is not holding, humanitarian aid is not to be missed, there is no exchange of prisoners, and besides, we never got back the control over the Ukrainian-Russian border».

According to the Minsk agreements the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine should adopt the amendments to the Constitution that provides special status to the Donbass, which will lead to increased political influence of Russia in Ukraine. «But it is the result of the Minsk process of peaceful settlement. But compromises must be taken, even if they are someone not like you. This price, of course, is great. But it is not as high as the price for a new war. Our country is tired and we want peace, ‘ said Miller. — Of course, to bring this compromise to many people in Ukraine — a difficult task. (…) But for every day shooting only stronger complicates this task. (…) Moreover, we can’t disrupt the Minsk agreements, because it is very much going to hurt us. After all, if they fail, we lose the solidarity of our Alliance partners».

Miller also commented on the possibility of new elections in Ukraine and the possibility of cancelling the Europe of the visa regime for Ukrainians. «To exclude this possibility we can not, — said the diplomat on new elections. But we hope that this will not happen, because it most likely would mean getting into Parliament more radical forces. Therefore the next elections will bring no good stability in Ukraine».

As to the abolition of visas for citizens of Ukraine, Miller expressed hope that «a positive decision on this issue will be made in the first half of the year.» «Visa-free regime is a glimmer of hope for people in Ukraine. (…) Especially because we have fulfilled all conditions for this, namely increased border surveillance, has introduced biometric passports. However, on the background of the migration crisis in Europe to convince our friends in the EU to allow the Ukrainians to the Schengen area already this year — not such an easy task,» said the Ambassador.

As suggested by Stern, it is because everyone is afraid that the Ukrainians will go EN masse to the EU. «But that’s nonsense,’ said the Miller. — (…) This will not happen. In Ukraine, only half a million people have biometric passports, which allow visa-free entry. More passports in the year of issue is not possible. And because the number of trips will be limited. Moreover, if contrary to expectations the start of the breach, visa-free travel will be possible again to undo», — admitted the Ukrainian.

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Stern. The Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany: «the Russians have finally to fulfill obligations» 29.01.2016

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