State statistics Committee: inflation in Ukraine in January amounted to almost 1%

In Ukraine (excluding the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, city of Sevastopol and part of the zone of the antiterrorist operation) in January 2016 was recorded inflation of 0.9% compared with December 2015.

On it informs State statistics service (derzhstat).

In comparison with January 2015, the prices rose by 40.3 per cent.

As explained in the state Statistics service, in the consumer market in January, prices for foodstuffs and soft drinks rose by 2.2%. Most (9.6% and 9.1%) has risen fruits and vegetables. 2,9-0,9% increase in prices for milk and dairy products, butter, eggs, sunflower oil, poultry meat, fish and fish products, bread. At the same time (0,8-0,4%) dropped rice, margarine, lard, and pork.

Prices for alcoholic drinks and tobacco decreased by 1.9% due to cheaper tobacco products by 3.4%. At the same time, prices of alcoholic beverages rose by 0.6%.

The growth of prices (tariffs) for housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels 0.7% was mainly due to increase of tariffs for water supply (by 12.1%), Sewerage (3.5%).

Lower prices for transport in General by 0.4% due to cheapening of fuel and lubricants by 1.3%. However there was an increase in car prices by 1.1%.

The rise in prices of education services by 2,5% mainly due to higher fees for the maintenance of children in preschool institutions by 8.4%.

We will remind, following the results of 2015 inflation in Ukraine was 43.3%, and in decalre 2015 is 0.7%. Thus, in January 2016, the inflation rate slightly accelerated.

Note also that in the state budget for 2016, laid inflation at 12% at year-end.

State statistics Committee: inflation in Ukraine in January amounted to almost 1% 09.02.2016

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