Started shooting a drama «Cyborgs» from the Director Seitablaev

Shooting a feature film «Cyborg» about the defense of the Donetsk airport began on Thursday 9 February 2017.

This was announced by the film’s Director Ahtem Seitablaev.

«With the help of God we started…», — he wrote in his Facebook.

Drama «Cyborg» is a story about the legendary fighters of VSU and the volunteers for over 200 days defending Donetsk airport from Russian-terrorist troops in 2014 in the Donbas.

The film tells the story of one combat duty for several weeks in September 2014. According to the Director Seitablaev, the goal is «to preserve the memory of the legendary cyborgs».

Feature film «Cyborg» became one of winners of competitive selection VIII of the state. 19 December 2016 the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie concluded with the IDAs-film contract to provide the project «Cyborgs» state financial support in the amount of 23 thousand UAH 973,6.

The ribbon is Director Ahtem Seytablaev, the author of the scenario Natalia Vorozhbit, producer: Ivanna dyadyura. The total cost of film production – 47 947,2 thousand UAH.

Recall that the Director and the lead actor in the film about the deportation of Crimean Tatars «haytarma» Akhtem Seytablaev started to create a feature film about the defenders of the Donetsk airport in the spring of 2015. Consultants when writing the script was made by the soldiers themselves, known for the strength of spirit and courage «cyborgs».

Note that now Ahtem working on three projects that are created with government support: in addition to large-scale paintings about the defense of the Donetsk airport «Cyborgs» and another film «Her heart», which is under postproduction also engaged in the film «Zakhar Berkut» (Zakhar Berkut), loosely based on the novel by Ivan Franko, which was filmed in 1971 by Studio them. Dovzhenko – the current movie will be a rejuvenation of the famous 45-year-old masterpiece of historical drama from Director Leonid Osyka and screenwriter and the author of the lyrics of Dmytro Pavlychko. The script for «Zakhar Berkut» wrote Jaroslav Voicecheck. Operator — Yuri King. Producer Egor Olesov and Yuri prylypko. The special effects will Ukrainian Studio Postmodern. The film budget is 75 million. Assistance of the state is 30 million. As noted by Ahtem, «I want and I will work hard because you love what you do».

Started shooting a drama «Cyborgs» from the Director Seitablaev 09.02.2017

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