Spill from the 300 tonnes of oil in Singapore closed beaches

The government of Singapore has closed to a part of the public beaches on the South-East and North-East of the country after the spill, about 300 tons of fuel that occurred as a result of the collision of two bulk carriers Gehorsam Strait. This is stated in a statement released by National Directorate for the protection of the environment.

In particular, in the area of Changi on the North-East of the country have limited access to the coastline is about 800 meters, about 100 meters closed area small island of Pulau Ubin, the report says. In operation on clearing of coastal waters includes the participation of 17 specialized ships and more than 200 people, reports TASS.

In addition, the government suspended indefinitely the work of three local fishing companies.

The incident with the spillage of oil into the waters of the Strait of Johor channel occurred on the night of January 4 in a collision to Singapore and Gibraltar of container ships near the East coast of Malaysia in Johor state.

Earlier in the Israeli city of Haifa on one of the largest refineries after the ignition of fuel containers, a powerful explosion occurred. A reservoir with a capacity of 12 cubic meters was filled only tenth at the moment when the fire occurred.

Spill from the 300 tonnes of oil in Singapore closed beaches 06.01.2017

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