Special operation on detention of terrorists in Saint Denis, North of Paris ended

The active phase of the anti-terrorism RAID, French police in Saint-Denis, North of Paris completed. This was stated press Secretary of the government of France, stéphane Le Foll, reports European Pravda, citing Le Figaro.

Special operation in Saint-Denis, which was aimed at the detention of terrorists involved in the terrorist attacks in Paris, began at 4:25 local time (5:25 on Kiev). The next time the exchange queues occurred at 5:05 (6:05 on Kiev). After 7:30 local time (8:30 across Kiev) in the area also were heard explosions and shooting sounds. Above the scene hovered the helicopter.

According to police, two militants killed during the assault on the apartment where they were hiding. The dead included a woman who activated the explosive belt, and another man, whose identity is still unknown.

It was reported that the main objective of the operation is the main suspect in the terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November, the Belgian of Moroccan origin Abdelhamid Aboud.

The apartment has detained three people. Close to home also detained a man and a woman. Were later arrested two other suspects.

During the RAID were slightly injured five policemen. In addition, at the beginning of the storm killed police dog.

The media announced the death of a passerby, but the Procurator has not confirmed this information.

As reported, members of the terrorist group «Islamic state» who were hiding in an apartment in Saint-Denis, preparing new terrorist attacks in Paris.

On 13 November a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, killing 132 people, about 400 people were injured.

Islamists staged a massacre in the concert hall, blew up a bomb in the football stadium, shot the visitors several restaurants. At the Stad de France stadium at two different entrances exploded suicide bombers, was also bombed. The deadliest episode was the massacre at a rock concert in the Bataclan club, where four men in black were shot about a hundred people.

Responsibility for the attacks was assumed by the terrorist group «Islamic state».

According to French authorities, a series of terrorist attacks was attended by eight criminals. Six of the bombers blew himself up, another terrorist was shot dead by police. The eighth of the Paris terrorists are looking for in several European countries.

Attacks killed nationals of 11 countries, two more countries announced their wounded. Ukrainians among victims were not.

After a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, French President Francois Hollande issued a decree that imposed a state of emergency. Soon it may extend for three months.

Recall that in response to the Paris attacks French air force on the night of Monday, November 16, made a powerful airstrike on positions of Islamic state in the Syrian city of raqqa, which is considered a stronghold of the terrorist group.

Special operation on detention of terrorists in Saint Denis, North of Paris ended 18.11.2015

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