Special forces will replace the «unreliable» commanders of the militia officers of the Russian Federation — exploration

The main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Federal security service of the Russian Federation have started activities on the replacement of the commanders of militia «Sparta» Arseny Pavlov (call sign «Motorola»), «Somalia» Mikhail Tolstoy (call sign «Givi») and «Vostok» Alexander Khodakovsky.

Reported by the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

«It is confirmed that the consolidated operational detachment of the GRU GSH VS and the FSB of the Russian Federation initiated activities to replace the «unreliable» unit commanders «Sparta» (Donetsk), «Somalia» (Donetsk) and «East» (Makeevka), which are part of the 1 AK of the armed forces, with the subsequent appointment to these positions of personnel of the Russian officers. Including assume physical destruction «unreliable» in case of disobedience and attempts to organize armed resistance», — stated in the message of the defence intelligence Ministry of defence on the official website.

Also, according to the report, another set of losses among Russian soldiers, which was part of the sabotage-reconnaissance groups. On 26 February this year during clashes in the area of zaytsevo killed five servicemen of the 3rd separate motor rifle brigade (Gorlovka) 1 AK of the armed forces and nine were injured», — stated in the message.

It is also reported that the enemy continues to incur losses as a result of internal disputes.

«On February 26, around n of the item of Kulikovo in the shelling by its forces poluchil severely wounded soldier 2 motorized rifle battalion motorized rifle regiment 9 special naval infantry (Novoazovsk) 1 AK VS Russian Federation», — stated in the message.

Ukrainian scouts have noted the growing indignation of the population on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine «by the presence and actions of Russian invaders».

Note that the heads of the American intelligence services believe that Moscow will continue to support Pro-Russian forces in Ukraine in order to defend their interests, because still considers Ukraine as «little Russia».

Special forces will replace the «unreliable» commanders of the militia officers of the Russian Federation — exploration 27.02.2016

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