Spain was declared wanted by the Firtash

The anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of Spain announced on the international wanted list Ukrainian gas tycoon Dmytro Firtash suspected of laundering large sums of money. This was announced by the representative of Prosecutor’s office, says DW.

As reported, Firtash is wanted, together with two accomplices — citizens of Ukraine.

To call surnames of these persons, the speaker of the Spanish office of public Prosecutor have refused, having explained refusal «investigation».

The source publication also noted that simultaneously with the issuance of warrants to search in Barcelona in the resort town of Marbella on November 24, was arrested with five other accomplices Firtash.

They were directly involved in money laundering Ukrainian oligarch. Among the detainees — known Spanish lawyer Antonio de Fortuny.

According to prosecutors, these people have created Firtash for a number of offshore companies in Panama, although a part of the capital and settled in Spain — invest in property.

According to the source, we are talking about «tens of millions of euros of illicit origin». To name the exact sum the Prosecutor refused.

He also said that the case of Firtash considers the Prosecutor’s office in the framework of operation «Variola», which began in July 2016 with the arrest in Barcelona of the son of the former mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky — Stepan Chernovetskiy, as well as 11 other persons also suspected of money laundering. Stepan Chernovetsky was released from custody in the summer, but remains under investigation.

The documents found during the searches in the case of Chernivtsi, and helped the investigation come to Firtash, said the Prosecutor.

However, he doubted that the Ukrainian oligarch ever fall into the hands of the Spanish justice. After all, Firtash’s for several years unsuccessfully searching for the Federal Bureau of investigation United States in connection with the more serious charges, including bribe in exchange for a license for the exploration of titanium in India.

Note, in Germany on November 24, began the trial of officials suspected of receiving bribes from the Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash. About half a million euros in cash, according to German media, was provided to known in business circles of Austria, «the private detective» Nina, Wilkening. The latter had to establish an informal channel of communication with the FBI and to get information that is spread about Firtash law enforcement channels. Her partner was a 60-year-old chief Commissioner of criminal police of the Land of Mecklenburg — Vorpommern Heinz-Peter G. in addition, before the court as the main accomplice Heinz-Peter G. brought his wife.

Recall, from March 2014, Firtash Ukrainian and hiding from American justice in Vienna (Austria), where they tried to appeal the request of the US authorities for his extradition. Latest legal defeat he suffered on July 2 this year in the Austrian constitutional court.

In the United States oligarch faces 50 years in prison on suspicion of corruption. There he is accused that with the help of bribes for a total amount of 18.5 million dollars he wanted to get permission to mine titanium in India.

2 Dec 2015, Firtash was going to take part in the Congress of the Federation of employers of Ukraine in Kyiv, soon, however, this intention was abandoned. This happened after the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov announced the arrest on arrival at the airport «Borispol» in response to the appeal of the US Department of justice to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, as the Ukrainian criminal proceedings it is only as a witness. In the case of the establishment of the result of his personal participation in the fraud with the Bank «Nadra» Firtash have the status of a suspect.

In Austria, where Firtash lives after the overthrow of the regime of Yanukovych, he was first arrested and then released on the security in 125 million euros.

Note that bail for Firtash made his General acquaintance with notorious Russian businessmen brothers Rotenberg, President of the Russian judo Federation Vasily Anisimov. Firtash has never concealed its close ties with the people closest to Vladimir Putin and some of his representatives in the West the reputation of odious figures, calls his «good friends.»

According to open sources, the current wife of Firtash and Lada Firtash p. — and their children are citizens of the Russian Federation.

Firtash himself does not agree with the charges raised against him and considers them politically.

Spain was declared wanted by the Firtash 25.11.2016

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