Spain refused to Ukraine in the extradition Onishchenko

The Spanish Prosecutor’s office refused to Ukraine in the arrest and extradition of the fugitive non-faction people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko, reports «Ukrainian truth».

«The court listened to the arguments of the prosecution, asked if I agree to voluntary extradition. I said no and that my case is political persecution. The court found our arguments convincing enough to not apply to me arrest,» – said Onishchenko told the publication.

Thus the people’s Deputy at first refused to show «the Ukrainian truth» the decision of the court, but later showed the document, but was not allowed to publish it.

According to Onishchenko, the meeting lasted an hour and a half at the court of Madrid Audiencia Nacionale.

As the source said «Ukrainian truth» National anti-corruption Bureau, the official answer from the competent authorities of Spain to NABOO yet been received.

Onishchenko appeared in the case of abuses in the implementation of gas produced with the participation of the company «Ukrgazvydobuvannia». According to investigators, the state suffered damage amounting to about 3 billion UAH. The investigation established the involvement in the illegal scheme 29 people, including Onishchenko.

According to the General Prosecutor’s office, the MP has left Ukraine on 2 July 2016.

29 July 2016, he stated that he is in London and ready to defend their case in a British court.

The head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine Nazar Golodnitsky October 15, said that SAP would seek a conviction in absentia Onishchenko.

The MP said, in absentia to judge it is impossible, as he has been granted political asylum in one of countries.

Spain refused to Ukraine in the extradition Onishchenko 13.11.2017

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