Spain has evidence of the intervention of Russian hackers during the Catalan referendum

The Spanish authorities have evidence that Russian hackers used social media to promote a referendum on the independence of Catalonia. On 13 November at a press conference in Brussels Minister of foreign Affairs of Spain Alfonso Dastis, told Reuters.

According to him, Madrid have discovered in social networks fake profiles, half of which were served from Russia and 30% from Venezuela. The accounts have been created for the dissemination of information, inflating the benefits of separation of Catalonia from Spain, writes «Deutsche Welle».

Dastis added, has appealed to the Kremlin to discuss this issue.

The Minister of defense of Spain maría Dolores de Cospedal noted that «public and private» group of hackers «trying to influence the situation in Spain and provoke instability in Europe.»

The team of experts created by the European Union to combat Russian propaganda in the Internet, in recent months recorded a growth of activity aimed at inciting the crisis in Catalonia.

According to analysts, the network spread fake news headlines: «In Catalonia the Spanish language is studied as a foreign language», «Balearic Islands to join the fight for independence from Spain,» «the Highest leadership of the European Union supports the use of violence in Catalonia» etc.

El Pais noted that the first questionable information about Catalonia «Russian origin» appeared on the website in September last year under the title «Catalonia recognizes Crimea as Russian territory».

The government of Catalonia declared that October 1 is the referendum, the secession of the region from Spain supported 90,18% of participants of plebiscite. Voter turnout was 43%. In clashes with security forces who blocked part of polling stations were affected 893 people.

On 27 October, the Catalan Parliament adopted a resolution which declares independence from Spain.

28 Oct Madrid deprived Catalonia autonomy and took responsibility for the management of the region. The head of Catalonia, the Spanish authorities appointed the Deputy Chairman of the government of the country Saens Soraya de Santamaría.

Spain has evidence of the intervention of Russian hackers during the Catalan referendum 14.11.2017

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