Sophia awaits the return from new York of the dust of Yaroslav the Wise and the icon of Nicholas the Wet

The Director of the reserve «Kievan Sophia» Nelya Kukovalska said that currently negotiations are underway for the return of the alleged ashes of St Yaroslav the Wise from the USA.

«In 2009 we opened the sarcophagus of Yaroslav the Wise, which is located in the Sophia of Kyiv, and there was the remains of another man, who died much later of the Prince, and old newspaper. Since our employees started actively searching and found them (the remains) in the USA, in new York,» said Kukovalska, quoted Segodnaya.

According to the Director of the reserve, saved the relic from destruction in the Soviet years the priest Nicanor, who was in charge of the relics of St. Sophia of Kyiv. He also contributed to the export from the ashes of Kiev Yaroslav the Wise and the miraculous icon of Nicholas the Wet, which dates from XI-XIV centuries.

«The icon I have personally seen in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Brooklyn. The priests know that the icon from Kiev. Moreover, the U.S. Orthodox priests at the highest level confirmed in the same Church houses the remains of Prince Yaroslav the Wise. All necessary e-mails about the return of the relics in Ukraine we have already sent,» Kukovalska said.

As she said, the priest Nikanor asked in 1943 to take out a relic in Poland of a German officer. He kept his promise and gave the relics to the Archbishop of Palladium, which, in turn, took them on the route: Warsaw-Berlin-new York-Ottawa-new York.

«This way we clearly followed the documents to the media and the memories of those who were involved in the transportation of relics. Some people are still alive and well all remember,» said Kukovalska.

Recall that the sarcophagus of Yaroslav the Wise in St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev opened in September 2009 to conduct anthropological research.

Great Kyiv Prince Yaroslav the Wise is the patron of the Ukrainian State, teachers, lawyers, librarians and students. He ruled Kievan Rus 35 years. During this period, the Principality reached the pinnacle of military power. The Grand Duke opened the first schools, established a library, wrote a code of laws and intermarried with Europe.

In 1037 on the order of Yaroslav the Wise to commemorate the victory over the tribe of Pechenegs attacked Kiev, the city began construction of Hagia Sophia. The Cathedral was completed in the year 1044.

In 2016 marks the 1000 anniversary of the beginning of the reign of Yaroslav the Wise.

Sophia awaits the return from new York of the dust of Yaroslav the Wise and the icon of Nicholas the Wet 23.03.2016

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