Son of a tramp looking for a solution to the Syrian conflict, in cooperation with the Federation — media

Senior Shin Donald trump held a meeting with supporters of cooperation between the United States and the Russian Federation in the settlement of the Syrian conflict. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the negotiations, writes the Ukrainian truth.

Russia actively pulling for Assad’s army ships with ammunition

According to media reports, participated in the meeting, which took place on 11 October in the hotel «Ritz Paris» took the policy, available for business men and diplomats from several countries, and representatives of the Syrian opposition in favour of cooperation with Moscow, only about 30 people.

In addition to the other participation the meeting was attended by the head of the French centre CFPA Fabien Busse and his wife Randa kassis, who is Chairman of the Syrian opposition «Movement for a pluralistic society», approved by the Kremlin, which stands for «a political transition in Syria,» but in cooperation with President Bashar al-Assad, and for cooperation with Moscow in the process.

Earlier Bussa in the Russian media propaganda in France, expressed the hope that the vision of the newly elected U.S. President Donald trump on the Syrian settlement «is close to the approaches of Russia».

According to WSJ, the meeting raises new questions about contacts between the newly elected U.S. President, members of his family and foreign countries, and the Paris meeting «underlines the previously announced intentions trump Sr. to cooperate with the Kremlin.»

In your Facebook Randa kassis said, speaking about the meeting in Paris that «Syria’s opposition got hope that the political process will move forward, and Russia, and the United States will be able to agree on the issue of the Syrian crisis after the victory of the trump.»

In an interview with Cassis noted that in a conversation with trump Jr. she pointed out the importance of cooperation with Russia in the middle East and that «without Russia it is impossible any solution in Syria.»

In turn, the Advisor to the newly elected U.S. President Kellyann Conway confirmed for the publication that trump, Jr. attended the event in Paris. She also noted that the event was attended by individuals who «were interested in the elections in the United States.»

The newspaper reminds that Donald trump has repeatedly stressed his desire to work closely with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Syria and coordinate efforts in the fight against ISIS. For this position regarding cooperation with Russia , Hillary Clinton called him «Putin’s puppet».

We will remind, in October it was reported that the US has suspended contacts with Russia on Syria.

Russia actively pulling for Assad’s army ships with ammunition

Large landing ship «Caesar Kunikov» and transport auxiliary ship of the Navy of the Russian Federation «Kyzyl-60», which are sent to Syria, entered the Mediterranean sea. This writes the Russian «Interfax» with reference to local information portals.

«On approval of the Istanbul sites, ships sent to the Syrian port of Tartus, where the point of logistics Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea … Judging by the sediment of the ships, they are heavily loaded. So, on the deck of the «Kyzyl-60″ fixed 13 forty-foot containers,» the statement reads.

For «Caesar Kunikova» this is the 9th campaign in Syria this year, said, rossm. It is also noted that in the last 2 weeks with the cargo to Syria through the black sea Straits were at least 3 large amphibious ships, and 3 auxiliary vessels of the Russian Navy.

«According to foreign media reports, amphibious ships and auxiliary vessels of the Russian Navy participate in the operation, the purpose of which is to deliver ammunition for the Russian air group at the air base Hamim at Latakia and the Syrian government army, leading the battles with the Islamists, including the IG,» — said in the message.

On the eve of the UN special envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura said that the rebels controlled the Eastern part of the Syrian city of Aleppo could be destroyed by the end of December, if the bombing continues at its current level. De Mistura stressed that the only solution in this situation, in his opinion, is the political discussion about Syria’s future and political transition. According to him, even Russia supposedly «feels» that this is the only possible one.

Son of a tramp looking for a solution to the Syrian conflict, in cooperation with the Federation — media 24.11.2016

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