Son Jemilev February 12 will meet with relatives

Prisoner in Russia, the son of the leader of the Crimean Tatars, MP Mustafa Jemilev, Hauser will meet with the family on 12 February. About this Heiser lawyer Nikolai Polozov told the TV channel «112 Ukraine».

«Visits with family will be held on February 12 this Friday, he will meet with a mother and a wife. Previously, it was not allowed, because when in the remand prison long visits are not available. From the moment he was in the colony, this meeting became possible», — he noted.

The lawyer also has not excluded that in the near future of the son of Dzhemilev will visit the Ukrainian Consul.

«In connection with the case Savchenko we work closely with the Consul of Ukraine in Rostov-on-don Vitaly Moskalenko. I told him about Chaiseri, he expressed interest. Heiser also want to be visited by the Consul. I think that soon it will happen,» he said.

Polozov believes that Hauser «remains a prisoner in Russia in the first place because of the attitude of the Russian authorities to the activities of his father.»

«Russia, I think, at first generally wanted for life to deprive him of his liberty. I managed to jury trial to beat the charge, he was acquitted under the article «murder», and thus Heiser needs to be released in November this year. Therefore, I do not think that Russian authorities will try to let him go, the decision is definitely taken in the Kremlin over such issues,» he added.

The lawyer also said that currently the son of Dzhemilev feels good.

Previously Polozov reported that on 25 February in Astrakhan held court on consideration of the petition about the possibility of parole Dzhemilev.

We will note, in Russia Heiser being judged for a crime for which he has already prosecuted by the decision of the Ukrainian court. Mustafa Dzhemilev, who condemns the Russian occupation of the Ukrainian Crimea, calls the kidnapping of a son and a new judicial decision was an unheard of violation of human rights and cynical form of pressure on him personally, because of the peaceful resistance movement of the Crimean Tatars.

Son Jemilev February 12 will meet with relatives 09.02.2016

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