Soloviev on the investigation into Navalny has Never hid the fact that I am a rich man

Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov said in comments to the Agency RBC that do not intend to respond to the inquiry about his assets published by the Fund against corruption, headed by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

«I’m really a public servant? He (Navalny. – «GORDON») can say whatever you want, but I call it normal a swindler and a fraud, who has two previous convictions. Property issued to me, no one is hiding, pay taxes. I’m officially many years a lot of money. I never hid that I was a rich man. The essence of the investigation?» – the leader told.

Solovyov added that he considered the publication of private addresses «not very well».

The presenter said that he doesn’t have residency of Italy, and the document that appears in the investigation of Fund Bulk – registration at the Italian municipality.

«I am a citizen of the Russian Federation, the paper that he cites, shows that I’m in this municipality (Italy. – «GORDON»). When you gains something, you are registered in the municipality. This to me does nothing,» he said.

Commenting on the words of Navalny, who called Solovyov’s advocate, the presenter said, «Solovyov not licking Putin (Russian President Vladimir Putin. – «GORDON») and conceals the West.»

Today FBK Navalny has published an investigation regarding the property Solovyov. Navalny has called the leading «one of the most deceitful and arrogant propagandists». According to the Fund, as Solovyov estimated at 1 billion rubles (about $17 million). The FCO also argued that a leading resident of Italy and he’s got a Villa on lake Como.

Soloviev on the investigation into Navalny has Never hid the fact that I am a rich man 28.09.2017

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