Sokurov of Russia: We still go back, maybe get in three years to four, and then what?

Russian Director Alexander Sokurov said that Russia is development at the moment is moving backward. He spoke about it in interview «Radio Freedom».

«We still go back, maybe get in three years to four, and then what? And then you have to understand where to go – again to build socialism or the new system that is being formed today? First, we experimented in 1917, went into socialism, where no one went except us. We made a last experiment on himself – and lost. Had to crawl on all fours back – and there’s nobody there, most were killed – along with their life experiences and economic way. There were only corpses lying,» said Sokurov.

The Director stated that he himself has long been no questions for Russian politicians.

«In fact, nothing complicated in the situation of Russia no, I have no questions to our politicians, I know which way everything goes. I vowed never to give predictions to which nobody pays attention. But I myself as a person and as art, the author must prepare for what awaits my home. If there is energy, intelligence and patience to overcome, then Russia can be a great future, it has huge potential. Only she needs a radical change of image of the country, state structure,» he said.

He expressed the view that Russians are genetically predisposed to science and art, but not to state building.

«My character in the movie «Alexander» says: ask God for the mind, nothing else. I think the Russian people are in short,» added the Director.

In his opinion, the change of power in the country will not solve the problems of Russia.

«I worry what will happen if you come to power those who today criticize – so what? Around them are the same people, there will be no corroberating employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs – try to do something when all are imbued with this infection. Those who criticize Putin (Russian President Vladimir Putin. – «GORDON») for Syria, will get the same huge country with huge borders and vast army, which must not only train, but also periodically put on the hot pan, otherwise it will not be able to defend this country. And they will have a large military budget and all the same, what is happening now. Without major changes in state building, structure of government, relations between the regions will not solve the problem. But without these changes, in my opinion, Russia is not to be,» said Sokurov.

He recalled that in 2007, talked about the inevitability of war with Ukraine.

«I was all clear as a historian and person. And security of the country, probably, it was not clear, in any case, the Parliament, the infected global problems, this is not precisely thought,» concluded the Director.

He sharply criticizes the current Russian government.

In March 2017 Director, received the award named after Eldar Ryazanov’s «Honor and dignity», at the ceremony of the awards gave a speech in which recalled convicted in Russia for 20 years for terrorism, Ukrainian Director Sentsov and about the promise of Putin to interfere in this issue.

Sokurov of Russia: We still go back, maybe get in three years to four, and then what? 04.01.2018

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