Sociologists: for students of Western Ukraine, it is important calling, East employment opportunities

53% of Ukrainian students choose a College, considering the possibility of further employment. Another 42% consider their interest in the profession, but 25% is hoping for connection and financial ability of their parents. Are the survey results on its official website the company Research & Branding Group.

In may 2016, respondents were asked why they chose their school.

«It is worth noting that compared to a similar survey conducted in March 2010, the hierarchy of important factors when choosing a school practically has not changed. The most significant is a decline of 7% expectations on the ability of parents and 5% — the possibility of further employment,» — said in the conclusion of sociologists.

Among these factors are regional differences. So, a job opportunity was more important for students of Eastern Ukraine (65%) and least important to residents of the southern and Western regions (45-46%).

Possibilities of parents most often consider in the South of Ukraine (38%), and least often in the Eastern areas (16%).

In Western Ukraine more than in other regions, respondents cited the defining factor of purpose or vocation (35%), whereas in the East and South is only 7-10%.

When the school is already selected, upon receipt of one of the students tend to rely solely on themselves: their knowledge (46%) or at least on the medal (3%).

Another part is vested in the money (38%) or good (23%).

Some more time as hoped on their knowledge and on a more pragmatic basis (31%). «In other words, it would be better to err,» the sociologists comment.

Sociologists also asked the students when, in their opinion, should complete the training.

The study was conducted from 18 to may 25 among the population of Ukraine (except AR Crimea, Sevastopol and uncontrolled territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions). Respondents were chosen by quota sample representing adult population of Ukraine by region of living, gender and age. In General, interviewed 2001 respondents. The expected average sampling error is 2.2%.

As previously reported, this year applicants may apply for membership simultaneously in 15 Ukrainian universities.

Sociologists: for students of Western Ukraine, it is important calling, East employment opportunities 11.06.2016

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