Sociologist antipovich said that «vulgar» sentiments of Ukrainians no «sparks»

Voiced by Ukrainian citizens readiness to go to protests is at the moment declaratively. About this on air of the TV channel ZIK said Director of the sociological group «Rating» Alexey antipovich.

«And you actually see how many people actually go to the protests. If we are talking about the events of Maidan 2004, 2013-2014, there was the spark that ignited the protests. In the current situation these events there and talk about «vulgar» sentiments of the Ukrainians,» he said.

According to the sociologist, for the current political period is characterized by «get on the same rake».

«We choose the Parliament, but after six months, I want her re-elected. Elected President and six months later, max disappointed in the President. We each MP is elected due to different factors, but after a while people are disappointed in politics,» he said antipanic.

At the end of 2013 – early 2014 in Ukraine there were mass protests that led to regime change. At this time, the protesters resisted law enforcement authorities and hired armed bandits (titushki). This period is considered the Maidan-2.

The first Maidan took place in late 2004 in support of the candidate in presidents of Ukraine of Victor Yushchenko.

Sociologist antipovich said that «vulgar» sentiments of Ukrainians no «sparks» 30.12.2017

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