Sobolev requested NACP to verify compliance with the income and lifestyle Tymoshenko

The Deputy from «Samopomichi», head of the anti-corruption Committee Yegor Sobolev called on the National Agency for prevention of corruption to check compliance lifestyle Yulia Tymoshenko of her income, as specified in the electronic Declaration.

He declared it on a press-conferences on Monday in Kiev, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

«Today I filed an appeal to the Agency against corruption to conduct monitoring of the lifestyle of the party leader «Batkivshchyna» Yulia Tymoshenko. To her Declaration. I asked Yulia Vladimirovna itself to initiate the monitoring. Since it didn’t, I decided to help her,» he said.

In addition, Sobolev said that he had asked the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine concerning the verification of returns five MPs.

«Including the leaders of two other factions of the Parliament – Oleg Lyashko from the Radical party Igor Gryniv from the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko». I see signs of either unjust enrichment or falsehood in the declarations, and ask that the anti-corruption Bureau together with the anti-corruption Prosecutor has checked this information,» he said.

It is known that Tymoshenko in its Declaration pointed out the revenues, which consist of the salaries in the Supreme Rada (75 616 UAH) and funds for performance of Deputy powers (80 UAH 559).

Thus the acquisition of goods (works, services) the MP last year spent 500 UAH 162. Timoshenko rents the house with an area of 588 sq. m. in Kozin Obukhov district, Kyiv region.

It also has «other right to use the land under the object of the lease» in Kozin area of 1500 sq. m., and also «land near the facility lease» with an area of 1862 sq. m.

In addition, it has a lot of jewelry. And her husband received foreign income: 2 390 942 UAH from Diafox Consulting Limited, 119 UAH 875 from Britico Product s.r.o, 693 183 UAH from Toulouse Net LP, as well as insurance payments of IC «Arsenal insurance» in the amount of UAH 66 337.

Sobolev requested NACP to verify compliance with the income and lifestyle Tymoshenko 21.11.2016

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