Sobchak suggested Navalny to be her confidant if she was a presidential candidate

Journalist Ksenia Sobchak, who submitted documents to the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation for registration as a presidential candidate, offered cooperation to the opposition leader Alexei Navalny, which registration refused. About this Sobchak said today in Instagram.

«I realize now how sad and hard for Alex, but the cause is greater. So I continue to call upon all the democratic opposition forces to unite. In the case of my registration I propose Alexei Navalny to be my confidant,» she wrote.

Sobchak has said that he considers the rejection of the Bulk of the «monstrous injustice and another mistake of the authorities.»

«But it just goes to show us that we still have to act, not stop and go for these elections. Go to the end. For each of us, Alexey. I am against the boycott of the elections. I remember, and Navalny in 2011 supported this position: «the Main problem campaigning for the boycott is that it is not mobilizing the beginning: stay home, watch telly, indignant. We sit all day at home, watching telly and outraged,» – said the journalist.

In her opinion, «a serious decline of voter turnout, the boycott will not give».

«In my opinion, nothing has changed. Elections remain the only way to change something. And their boycott – an inefficient and harmful method. It will not only decrease voter turnout, but increase the percentage of Putin’s (Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his intention to run as an independent candidate. – «GORDON»). And allow him to get the desired 70%», – said Sobchak.

Sobchak suggested Navalny to be her confidant if she was a presidential candidate 26.12.2017

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