Smeshko: In the US only 3% of the budget is closed. Everything else is open. We closed almost 100% of the budget

U.S. military officials are seriously concerned about the nontransparent use of the Ukrainian military budget, what they openly said when visiting Kiev. This was stated in the broadcast Ukrlife.TV the former head of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU), former chief of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Igor Smeshko.

«They openly said: «How can I help you, when you had the opacity of your very own budget,» – said the former head of the SBU.

He said that it was about the military budget of Ukraine.

«In the US military budget is opened. 3% of the total budget is closed. It is the largest military force in the world. It is only 3% covers. Everything else is open. You can read on the website of the Congress which purchases of foreign weapons plans to hold the Pentagon. And this purchase is made through exploration of the military,» – said Smeshko.

The former head of the SBU said that the United States buys foreign weapons for testing to develop the necessary counter-measures, however, does not hide these purchases.

«We have a 100 percent closure of almost budget. This is despite the lack of transparency in our Parliament, in the actual absence of active opposition, in the absence of control… How can society and our Western partners believe that there is no corruption when using budget?!» he said.

Smeshko added that the military budget can be increased up to 10% of GDP, however, the main problem is the efficiency of its use.

At the end of may 2015, the President signed a new national security strategy, which provides annual funding for the defense sector of at least 5% of GDP. Speaking in Parliament in early September of 2016, Poroshenko said that Ukraine is not able to send an army of more than 3% of GDP.

In the 2016 budget for defense was provided 113 billion (about 5% of GDP) including funds special funds. This is directly the budget of the Ministry of defence amounted to 55.5 billion UAH (2,45% of GDP). In 2017 the Ministry of defense budget rose to 64 billion UAH.

To Finance the sphere of defense and security of Ukraine in 2018 it is planned to allocate 163 billion 268 million. This decision was made by the national security Council and defense of Ukraine on September 13.

Smeshko: In the US only 3% of the budget is closed. Everything else is open. We closed almost 100% of the budget 30.12.2017

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