Slovakia has opened a mini-headquarters of the deployment of NATO forces

In the Slovak capital Bratislava inaugurated the Unit of integration of NATO forces (NFIU), which aims to prepare measures for the deployment of rapid reaction forces of NATO in the region if necessary. This writes Radio Liberty.

«The message is clear: NATO is here in Slovakia. We are committed to the protection of your country and your people from any threat or act of aggression,» — said at the opening ceremony, assistant Secretary General of NATO for public diplomacy Tajani Ildem.

The staff will work 41 military — 21 from Slovakia and 20 in the order of precedence of other NATO countries. Fully the centre should start in June.

The NATO Alliance, in accordance with the decisions of its summit in Wales in September 2014, in response to the new aggressiveness of Russia took a number of measures to increase their combat readiness, among which was the creation of a new rapid response Force and high readiness Forces, as well as a number of mini-headquarters in Eastern Europe that need to prepare for the possible impact of these and other NATO forces.

These Units integration of NATO forces already operating in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, such centres in Hungary and Slovakia will join them in the coming months. Also NATO is considering the possibility to create and further such units.

Slovakia has opened a mini-headquarters of the deployment of NATO forces 25.01.2017

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