Slava Rabinovich: Russian Attack on neighbors in the format of the exercises «West-2017» will be a very quick end to this regime

Russian-Belarusian military exercises «West-2017,» the Kremlin is blackmailing and intimidating the country, which are directed against the Russian aggression, however, is not going to attack anyone. This opinion was expressed by the Russian financier and blogger Slava Rabinovich in the comments «Apostrophe».

«Almost 100% sure that the Kremlin is blackmailing and intimidating those countries, which are directed against threats, but not going to attack the format of the exercise, gradually turning into a war, whether «West 2017″ or any other. Simply because whatever the thugs Putin and his gang, it’s hard for me to imagine that they want a quick end to their regime, which exists for the sole purpose of the infinite, as they now think of self-enrichment», – he said.

The blogger noted that the Kremlin regime is doomed, but the Russian authorities do not think so and believe that they and their descendants will have «occupied» their vast territory of the Russian Federation.

«The scenario that implies an attack on a neighboring country format continue the exercise «Zapad-2017″, is absolutely sure to be a very quick end of the regime. I think they know it. About the same as Kim Jong-UN knows that any launch of nuclear missiles would mean the immediate end of the North Korean regime,» – said the financier.

Rabinowitz added that the same logic could act in 2014 when Russia invaded Ukraine. However, in those circumstances, the regime was not supposed to crash instantly.

«But that does not mean that he is not doomed to collapse much faster than would have lasted under different scenarios. I think the end of the regime was much closer to 2014. But with the attack on the Baltic States, members of NATO, there will be no doubt he was «run out» almost immediately», he continued.

The blogger noted that NATO in 2014 were tested for resistance. In addition, Putin promoted the education of the people of Ukraine «the Ukrainian nation».

«I would hope that in three years Ukraine was able to create a strong army, to properly dispose of the help of NATO and Western countries that has been given to including in the military sphere, and that Ukraine will be able to rebuff any «green men» that appeared on its territory. Otherwise a penny the price to Ukraine and its leadership. I hope my words offends no-one and will agree with me the majority of Ukrainians, including the country’s leadership», he concluded.

Exercises «West-2017» will be held in Belarus from 14 to 20 September. Russian soldiers began to arrive in the country on July 24.

Their concern about their conduct has already expressed the countries of the European Union, NATO and Ukraine.

In August, the international intelligence community InformNapalm has recorded large-scale movement of Russian military equipment across the European borders. Experts warned that the exercises can be a stage of «occupation, and the involvement of Belarus in armed conflict».

Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov does not exclude that under the guise of exercises can place a new invasion of Russian troops.

Ukraine will send its verifiers to the exercises. In addition, monitoring has invited Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and Norway.

Slava Rabinovich: Russian Attack on neighbors in the format of the exercises «West-2017» will be a very quick end to this regime 01.09.2017

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