Sisters Muzychuk in the FIDE rating list are reversed

The international Federation of chess (FIDE) submitted a rating list as at 1 June 2016.

The top ten list in women still included two Ukrainian women — the ex-world champion Mariya Muzychuk (coefficient 2546) dropped to sixth place, and her older sister Anna (2551) climbed to fifth, according to «UKRINFORM».

The rating is led by women’s world champion Chinese HOU Yifan (2663). In second place Hampi Koneru from India (2575), the third — Chinese Ju Wenjun(2559).

In the first hundred of the strongest players in the world, in addition to the sisters Muzychuk, four representatives from Ukraine: 24. Natalia Zhukova (2475), 45. Anna Ushenina (2439), 52. Inna Gaponenko (2415), 95. Tatiana Vasilevich(2367).

In men, the undisputed leader of the world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen(2855).

In a world composed of seven hundred chess players of Ukraine: 16. Pavel Eljanov (2751), 39. The Vasily IvanceaK (2710), 40. Ruslan Ponomariov (2706), 55. Yuriy Kryvoruchko (2682), 95. Anton Korobov (2656), 96. Zahar Efimenko (2656), 99. Alexander Areshchenko(2654).

We will remind, last week the women’s Commission of the International chess Federation (FIDE) announced the winner of the award «Kaisa» for the best female player in the world – she was a Ukrainian chess player, ex-world champion 23-year-old Mariya Muzychuk.

Sisters Muzychuk in the FIDE rating list are reversed 02.06.2016

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