Since the spring in the Kharkiv region will resume construction of the «Wall»

The construction of the Wall along the Russian-Ukrainian border in the Kharkiv region will resume in the spring. About it on 20 January 2017, told in the press service of the Kharkiv regional state administration, referring to a telephone conversation of the head of KRSA Yulia Svitlichny with the Chairman of the State border service Viktor Nazarenko.

«The construction is now suspended due to weather conditions and no current funding. But in the state budget for 2017 laid down 200 million UAH to continue the construction. In case of receipt of appropriations on account of the State border service is planned to resume construction. The approximate date of the recovery of construction-April-may 2017», — noted on the official website of the regional administration.

As told in the press service, during the conversation Nazarenko noted that all previously constructed buildings on the border with Russia are maintained in proper condition.

In turn Svetlichnaya promised to render all assistance to continue the construction of engineering structures on the border with Russia, as a matter of national security is «priority for all public authorities, both national and regional level.»

We will remind, before that, the guards denied information about the termination of the construction of the «Wall» in the Kharkiv region. In the Luhansk region, according to Nazarenko, the work in this project has just begun.

At the same time, the slow pace of construction of the «Wall» was one of the main themes of criticism of the government team, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, and NABU the beginning for this reason a separate investigation, the first results of which promised to publish in February.

Since the spring in the Kharkiv region will resume construction of the «Wall» 21.01.2017

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