Since February, many Ukrainians will rise twice as the price of gas

For those who have houses are gazplita and the gas column and thus no counters the cost of gas (and they are the majority among the residents) – the bad news: the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine recognized illegal and cancelled the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 237 of 29 April 2015, to reduce by half the consumption of gas without counters. Its decision the court motivated by the fact that norms are understated and those who are metering devices, in fact they pay more than those who don’t, although it should be Vice versa. The court decision came into force and not subject to appeal, writes «Today».

According to the Director of energy programmes of the Center of the world economy and international relations NASU Valentin Zemlyansky, this means that the February payment obligation «get heavier» twice. But will people pay for debts that are not their fault accumulated from may 2015 to January 2016 is unclear. As it is unclear what if they won’t pay, who will pay for illegal, as it turned out, the decision of the government, if not the end user.

Given the fact that the standards for gas are paying about 4 million households, because of the decision of the Cabinet they are consumed, but not paid during this time, almost 800 million cubic meters of gas amounting to 5.5 billion USD.

Recall, after reduction by the decision of the Cabinet of norms of gas consumption by half, those who at home only gazplita and centralized domestic hot water (DHW), pay a month for gas at the rate of 3 cubic meters/person, today it is 21,56 USD. Those who have no hot water and the column (gas water heaters) – you pay per month for 4.5 cubic meters/person gas (32,34 UAH), in the presence of column – 9 cubic meters/person gas (64,68 UAH). Now these amounts will be doubled. For example, if a family of 3 people with gazplita and without a meter pays almost 65 UAH/month., there will be 130 UAH. A separate question – with the accumulated debt, because the family of three «consumers», provided that it accurately paid all the bills, now «Naftogaz» for 9 months of almost 585 USD.

The views of gas consumers divided. Those who are counters, they say that justice has been done, as they are now paying more than the norms.

«I have an apartment-Stalinka, is column. Family 3 person. A year ago I forced thanks free, installed the gas meter, pay a month for a 38-40 cubic meters. And the same family according to the norms of over 27 cubic meters, or 1.5 times less, although it probably consumes about the same amount,» – said the inhabitant of Kiev Vladimir Senchenko.

Not having counters unhappy.

«This decision in favor of «Naftogaz» because our family, like many others, really does not consume more than 3 cubes each per month – outraged kievlyanin another, Vasily Popov. – Then the gas will be written off, and sold again. The Cabinet is at least somewhat did the right thing, and that court reversed. And then, even if I have to now pay more, why should I repay the debt? It is not my fault, I carefully pay the bills!»

Lawyer Vladimir Stolitny said that the question of payment of duty is legislative conflict: on the one hand, the court’s decision have to be fulfilled and to reimburse the arrears. On the other hand: if the law worsens the position of the citizen and the decision of the court has its budget range, it should not be applied retroactively, because the consumer is not to blame for the mistakes of government.

«There are two options: debt raccrocher 9 months, including it in the bill, or will debit the account of the state,» said us Stolitny.

According to Zemlyansky, people pay unlikely as it may aggravate the social situation in society: «the Gas and went up five times, and then there’s the «herd» of the Cabinet want to force people to pay. I think that this debt will be written off at the expense of the state budget».

Yet one thing is clear: for gas in February will pay twice as much.

In the national Commission for regulation of energy and public utilities the situation has not commented.

«When we see the court’s decision, will become clear what you need to make changes to the legislation», – said the press service.

We will remind, the national Commission for regulation in energy and utilities, under the terms of the Memorandum with key creditor the International monetary Fund has raised since April 1 last year, the minimum tariff for gas for the population 3.3 times — up to 3 600 UAH per thousand cubic meters of fuel for consumption of up to 200 cubic meters of gas.

In the off-season — may 1 through September 30: cost of natural gas will be 7 188 UAH per thousand cubic meters regardless of consumption.

As reported by the government Yatsenyuk sharp increase of tariffs for utilities (primarily gas and heating) is the subject of constant criticism of the government, and the unpopularity of its leader, as evidenced by the data of sociological research and the refusal of the Prime Minister’s party «national front» from independent participation in local elections in 2015. In turn, the Prime Minister calls the established tariffs «European» and demonstrates the reduction of energy dependence on Russia, and also emphasizes that low-income groups has developed a program of housing subsidies.

Yatsenyuk compares his social policy with the «shock therapy» in postcommunist countries of Central Europe the early 90’s, and his team calls the «government kamikaze».

Since February, many Ukrainians will rise twice as the price of gas 18.02.2016

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