«Silk road» can go into normal business mode in March — brewer

Minister of infrastructure Andriy Pivovarsky argues that the new «silk road» can be economically and on time movement of goods is not worse than the route across Russia. He said this, speaking in the Verkhovna Rada during the hour of the government.

«We have completed almost a 12-month process to develop alternative routes of delivery of Ukrainian goods from Central Asia, from Europe, bypassing the Russian Federation. Realizing that we have a constructive neighbor who at any time may cease to fulfill the obligation, we were forced to look for alternatives,» he said.

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«Such an alternative to China and back to Europe we found. Experimental train from the port of Ilyichevsk to the border between Kazakhstan and China to Dostyk station, it is almost without technical problems,» he said.

According to him, traffic slowed, the human factor and natural – there was a storm in the Black and Caspian sea: «Instead of the expected 12 days the train reached the Chinese border for 15 days. But 3 days is a purely human factor we can completely remove it, 2 days is the passion of nature, a storm.»

«Coming this way, we clearly understand that we can, we are able to make this journey in 10 days. This is absolutely possible. An alternative path through the Russian Federation runs 9-10 days. That is, the logistic time of passage of «silk road» from the port of Illichivsk via Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan to the border with China can take place at exactly the same time as the alternative,» said brewer.

«Yes, there is still a problem in the economy. «Silk road» today is a little more expensive than the existing alternative,» he admitted.

«But if tomorrow the Russian Federation will prohibit the transit of our goods from the territory of Belarus and its territory – how are we going to deliver goods to Central Asia, to our historic markets of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and others? At the moment we have an alternative path,» said the Minister.

Brewer said that «Ukrzaliznytsia» and the company «Liski» the objectives are to create economic conditions for the economy «silk road» has improved, because «it is absolutely possible.»

«In the opposite direction the train will go until the end of February, he will return to Ukraine. Will be worked out all the logistics «bottlenecks», he said.

«And in the area of 20 January in Baku will be signed a final Protocol, which shall resolve all the technical problems, all bottlenecks – and we can say that since March this train can go into normal business mode», — said the Minister.

He stressed that the leadership of «Ukrzaliznytsia» and the company «Liski» will need to engage in marketing and business. «If you can’t, we will find those who can,» said brewer.

As reported, the solemn departure of a freight train from Ukraine to China via the silk road trading route bypassing Russia through Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan took place on January 15. All formalities between the countries — participants of the experiment were resolved within a few days, including the establishment of a competitive feed-in tariffs for cargo transportation on this route.

This route was developed in the beginning of January this year in response to the actions of the Russian Federation, the ban on 4 January transit of Ukrainian goods through Russian territory in the framework of the General policy of protection of the Russian market, the Kremlin adopted in response to the entry into force of the Agreement on free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU. The FTA agreement entered into force on 1 January 2016.

February 1 brewer reported that the test flight of the «new Silk road» was successful, 1 February, the train arrived at the station Dostyk on the border of Kazakhstan and China.

«Silk road» can go into normal business mode in March — brewer 05.02.2016

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