Shymkiv: the reform process in Ukraine is moving forward

The Deputy head of the presidential Administration, the Secretary of the national Council of reforms Dmytro shymkiv believes that the reform process in the country is moving forward. He told about it in interview to «the Ukrainian truth».

In his opinion, the current team of reformers managed to lay a certain Foundation, but to become «good» must go through the process.

«Reformers have to be considered in time. The question now – we’re trying to lay the foundations of change processes that occur in the country,» says schimke.

He does not agree with the opinion that judicial reform was a failure:

«Judicial reform. Adopted the necessary legislative acts. The selection is super! A lot of people do not want to go, because he understands that it is a question of transparency. We are laying the Foundation of a new body. This is a considerably long process,» said shymkiv.

«We used to look at the history of the year, and each year there’s a stage. If we look at many historical acts in other countries, the reform eras, there will always be a period of time in which this transformation occurred,» – said the Deputy head of AP.

«Today, time is compressed and there are many factors that affect. So I strongly disagree that» all is lost». We laid in many areas of the base. NBU VDO NABOO,» added schimke.

Earlier, Dmitry Shimkiv said that the most dynamic reforms in terms of perception by the population include procurement reform, decentralization, anti-corruption and reform of the national security and defense.

Shymkiv: the reform process in Ukraine is moving forward 05.01.2017

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