Shtepa was replaced by an electronic bracelet

September 26 the Lenin district court of Kharkiv held a meeting in the ex-mayor of Slavyansk, Donetsk region Neli Shtepa, according to KHARKIV Today.

Journalists accused said that on her electronic bracelet, «the battery», after which it was replaced by a new one.

The meeting came 20 activists of the «Shango body». They accused Shtepa that she met the militants, being the mayor of Slavyansk.

Shtepa said that he was waiting for the National guard of Ukraine and militants allegedly took her captive.

Today the court heard witnesses for the defense. The next meeting was scheduled for September 28.

Shtepa detained July 11, 2014. In early October of the same year, she was declared a suspect under article «encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine» and «creation of terrorist group or organization» for actions during the capture of the militants Slavyansk Igor Girkin (strelkov).

According to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the former mayor of Slavyansk face life imprisonment.

20 September court of Kharkiv Shtepa released from jail under-house arrest in Slavyansk. 21 September it became known that she wear an electronic bracelet.

Shtepa was replaced by an electronic bracelet 26.09.2017

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