Shooting the latest season of «house of cards» will finish without spacey

Shooting the last season of the American series «house of cards» will complete without the actor Kevin spacey, who played Frank underwood, the chief of the division of Netflix on content Ted Sarandos during the conference in new York, according to Reuters.

According to him, last season will focus on the actress Robin Wright who plays Claire underwood.

Shooting will start in early 2018. In the last season will be eight episodes, not 13 as previous, said Sarandos.

He did not say when will release the next series of «house of cards». Sarandos not said what will happen to the character, played by spacey.

The sixth season of «house of cards» will be the last. This decision was taken after allegations of sexual harassment in the address of the spacey, who played a major role in the film.

American actor Anthony RAPP, Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos, British bartender Daniel Beale and the American Director Tony Montana said about sexual harassment by spacey. Nine colleagues of the actor on starring in the TV series «house of cards» said that he made the filming process was «toxic» and behaved like a «predator».

The actor himself went to rehab for treatment of sex addiction.

Shooting «house of cards» is suspended until December 8.

Shooting the latest season of «house of cards» will finish without spacey 05.12.2017

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