Shooting in Olevsk: installed 30 participants of the conflict

Police of Zhytomyr region was established more than 30 participants of the armed conflict in Olevsk, in which the person died, part of them are detained. It is reported by the head of the national police in the Zhytomyr region Vyacheslav Pechenenko, Ukrainian Pravda wrote.

«Currently we have installed more than three dozen participants in the conflict on both sides. Some of them were detained. Other persons who are reasonably suspected of participation in night events are wanted» – he writes in Facebook.

Also wanted a vehicle on which the participants of the shooting managed to escape from Olevsk on the night of January 16.

Police investigators and employees of the regional Prosecutor’s office continue to question witnesses. At the same time continues the search and seizure of material evidence. In the established investigation of conflict parties, police seized legally-registered guns. Continues carrying out a number of intended examinations, including ballistic and molecular genetic.

According to Pechenenko, in the city and the district there are special restrictive measures to ensure public order and security of local residents.

Investigation into high-profile events promise to «promptly».

In addition, the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko recognized the unsatisfactory work and signed the order for dismissal of the Deputy head of the local Prosecutor’s office Korosten Zhytomyr region. About it reports on Thursday, January 19, the press Secretary Lutsenko Larisa Sargan in Facebook.

It is noted that the decision was taken based on the report of the head of the Zhytomyr regional Prosecutor’s office about the incident, which occurred in the town of Olevsk Korosten rayon, 16 January 2017, and led to the death of a person.

Also, according to the Gar, established an interdepartmental working group of the Prosecutor General and the National police for proper investigation of the above criminal proceedings.

In the town of Olevsk, Zhytomyr region on the night of 16 January, an armed clash in which 7 people were hospitalized, one died. According to one version, the cause of the shooting could be a domestic conflict. On the other — it was the criminal disassembly associated with illegal production of amber.

Shooting in Olevsk: installed 30 participants of the conflict 19.01.2017

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