«Shooter» from the Dnieper Pugachev refused to give grateful evidences

The attacker, who is suspected of killing a policeman in the river September 25 — Alexander Pugachev and further refuses to confess. About it said acting national police head of Vadim Troyan, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

«Arrested for the murder of the police in the river Pugachev still refuses to confess. But his guilt is fully proven, hope that the court will make a fair verdict and Pugachev will not escape a just punishment,» he said.

Recall, September 25, in the river two patrol officers stopped a man for a traffic violation, but he opened fire on them. In the police Artem Kutushev died on the spot, and his partner Olga Makarenko died on the operating table.

In the crime suspect Pugachev, the former fighter «Tornado», which was wanted for committing other serious crimes. He was arrested, but he pleaded not guilty. He tried to undergo surgery in the hospital on a false passport, but doctors told the police about his whereabouts.

We add that, according to «the Peacemaker,» Pugachev Aleksandr Andreevich wanted a year – from September 3, 2015. Charges: article 146, part 3 (unlawful imprisonment or kidnapping committed by an organized group, or if they have entailed heavy consequences).

Pugachev was a member of the former company of the patrol service of the Main Department of MIA of Ukraine in Luhansk region, «Tornado», disbanded in June 2015. Note that this Rota had previously been created from a battalion of patrol service of militia of special function «Shakhtersk», which, in turn, was disbanded in 2014 in connection with the looting.

September 28, the suspect in the murder of police officers from Dnipro Alexander Pugachev was escorted to the prison hospital.

«Shooter» from the Dnieper Pugachev refused to give grateful evidences 30.11.2016

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