Shokin said that there is no impact, did not take bribes, and the West did not ask Poroshenko to take it off

Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin says that is not affected by any in his post, had not received bribes or «led» in GPU his Deputy David Sakvarelidze.

He said this in an interview with «Details» on TV channel inter on the evening of 7 February.

Shokin: Western politicians are ready to work and did not ask the President to change public Prosecutor

Commenting on the issue of whether the attorney General to be independent in Ukraine, Shokin said that «got the position by chance», was nominated President Peter Poroshenkodemands.

«First, I will assign prosecutors of the regions and all the Deputy himself. He agreed. This year (in the post) I did not lead a single person to the President — neither the Prosecutor nor his Deputy, he doesn’t even know who I appoint,» — said Shokin.

«Is this independence? … This is very important,» he added.

He noted that he «received certain proposals, phone calls from top officials».

«But they never did the President,» — said Shokin.

However, the attorney General remembered how after his appointment to the position had the plan on the reform of the Prosecutor’s office and «purely by chance I met David Sakvarelidze and I liked it».

«I invited him to come over to my Deputy on the reforms,» — said Shokin, affirmatively answering the question whether he was «brought» to the GPU.

«Nobody imposed, not forced, and I was asked to come over to my Deputy», he added.

On the issue of relations with Sakvarelidze, who said that the GPU sabotage reforms, Shokin said: «I would not call him if the wanted reforms. In addition I have given him all the powers that the Deputy public Prosecutor».

«I got David a great relationship — they were, are and hope will be,» — said Shokin.

Commenting on the question whether they had received payments Shokin said with a smile: «I am the attorney General for one year, hope the last.»

«My whole life is connected with the investigation, fully. But investigators do not give bribes» — said the Prosecutor General.

Shokin: Western politicians are ready to work and did not ask the President to change public Prosecutor

Shokin said that none of the Western politicians have not talked with President Petro Poroshenko on whether to remove him from the post of Prosecutor General.

«As far as I know, none of the Western politicians did not tell the President that I took. I also didn’t say he was talking about my dismissal,» — said the Prosecutor General.

«In Odessa, US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt is then published and distorted his statement, allegedly talked about this. But then it turned out that he didn’t say so, I’ve said the opposite — «I want to work with Sechinym, I wish him success,» he added.

While Shokin added that this (his resignation) «is beneficial for those who don’t want to be in Ukraine were law and democracy».

Note that the requirement of «immediate resignation» . recently regularly voiced by the leadership of the political party «Samopomich» and its faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Before that, she spoke out on October 31 in connection with a search warrant parliamentary reception people’s Deputy, the candidate in mayors of Dnepropetrovsk Boris Filatov and detention of the party leader «DILL», billionaire Gennady Korban.

Representatives of the ruling Pro-European coalition and individual members of the Cabinet of Ministers also accused the current Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina in preventing the beginning of full operation of the National Bureau of investigation (NABU) and the Specialized Prosecutor’s office antikorruptsionnoe (SAP), which, as argued by foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, there was a threat of failure of implementation by Ukraine of the action plan on visa-free regime with the EU. In response, the Prosecutor General’s office has threatened subordinates Klimkin criminal responsibility.

Their claims to Socio was expressed by President Petro Poroshenko, who was unhappy with the pace of the transfer to the court cases against the involved in crimes during the revolution of Dignity.

The resignation of Shokin and acceleration of reforming of bodies of Prosecutor’s office demanded the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, as well as one of his predecessors, John Herbst.

In turn Shokin claims may resign only after the completion of the reform of the GPU. With regard to President Poroshenko, on 30 September during a speech at Columbia University (USA) he stressed its willingness to contribute to Parliament’s own view about the dismissal. in the event that if he’s going to be on «the cause, or any suspicion of corruption».

Shokin said that there is no impact, did not take bribes, and the West did not ask Poroshenko to take it off 08.02.2016

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