Shevtsova: the Kremlin is not ready to bleed her — yet! Time for the Russian red guards did not come

The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya and journalist Ksenia Sobchak was in the same boat, becoming a means of political manipulation of the Kremlin. About this Facebook said the Russian political scientist Lilia Shevtsova.

«Poklonskaya with his «metalloprokata» managed to become a symbol of fundamentalism, just trying to test your muscles. Shocked «zarabotali» the political class froze in fear, fearing that the attack on Alexey Uchitel might be some beating of their own – the Pro-Kremlin! The Kremlin did not rush to reaction, watching how it turns out. And only when the authorities began to look helpless, the Kremlin has let know: it’s too much!» – she wrote.

The analyst noted that the reaction of the authorities to combat the movie «Matilda» does not mean that fundamentalism does not fit in the agenda of its survival.

«This is the last weapon to which the government may resort when you find yourself in a desperate situation. Moreover, the Kremlin understand that calling for help «carebara», you will need to give him devouring part of the elite, which for decades faithfully served the leader. And the Kremlin is not ready to bleed her – yet! Time for the «cultural revolution» and the Russian red guards did not come. But the experiment was carried out and found the «face» of the Russian fundamentalism. Project «P» is not thrown into the trash, put it in a box,» she said.

Shevtsova added that fundamentalism can mutate in the direction of leftist ideas, as Taylor began to speak about the honest use of budget money. Therefore, MPs from the occupied Crimea can use to fight for redistribution of power and property, making Polonskaya for the current government rather toxic than helpful.

«Sobchak was a different project. No matter, she wants to run for President or the Kremlin technologists just did it as a provocation, pitting under the electoral train. The discussion Sobchak in the election’er – «go – no go» and «what does it mean» it started to work, because it diverts attention from real life, leading him into the void. Topic «Sobchak» entertains, giving rotten Russian politics a sense of burlesque, while the Kremlin has not found another entertainment for the workers,» continued the analyst.

Shevtsova suggested that the imagination of the writers of the Kremlin «fizzles».

«So we decided to invite to the stage the ladies who have to fill the unbearable pause. We can only guess what direction will move the scenario thinking of the Kremlin, when the scene with the ladies Who will be exhausted… we will continue to entertain?» she summed up.

Shevtsova: the Kremlin is not ready to bleed her — yet! Time for the Russian red guards did not come 28.09.2017

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