Shevtsova about the new «bipolar» world: Now on Moscow to forget

Recent events surrounding North Korea are «a real blow to the spine of the Russian autocracy» and a Testament to the fact that Russia ignored. About this Facebook said the Russian political scientist Lilia Shevtsova.

«Not only that, the world has engaged the North Korean crisis and Russia disappeared from the agenda. More importantly, Moscow has not appeared at table, for which the question is to be war or not! Moreover, at the borders of Russia!» – she writes.

Shevtsova said that Russia is not in the plan for the settlement of the conflict «recognized by Moscow,» the former Secretary of state Henry Kissinger. In his opinion, America and China should be equal partners.

«This means a new «bipolar», which until recently was based on the «axis» Washington – Moscow (at least in the Russian understanding). So now on Moscow to forget» – the analyst believes.

According to her, soon Russia’s place «in the foreground» is China.

«For trump (the US President Donald trump. – «GORDON») and Chinese leader XI Jinping phoned and spoke. And the press says it was si who taught the Buddha and taught him «responsibility». That’s what it came to. Not Putin teaches trump, and si!» writes Shevtsova.

She believes that «China as a global power, which will be interested in the whole world, not just in your own backyard» is a new phenomenon for Russia, bringing her pleasure.

«You have to remember about America, and her naivety and unwillingness to aggravate, and willingness to support our sovereign visibility. Of course, due to pragmatic calculation, not to mess with our self-assertion,» – said Shevtsova.

The analyst is considering two versions of events, thanks to which Russia can «catch in the foreground, with which it push».

«The first is to become a responsible global player that offers a real, not imaginary solutions. The second is to continue to beat the glass, trying to attract attention through intimidation. The second has always done this better,» she said.

Shevtsova about the new «bipolar» world: Now on Moscow to forget 13.08.2017

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