Shevchenko days in Ukraine: foreign ambassadors will paint unique Pysanka in Kyiv on March, 6

To the 204th anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko in the framework of the annual International cultural-educational project «We DNA Shevchenkove the word» foreign ambassadors will paint unique Pysanka, said «GORDON» in a press-service of the project.

It is noted that this will be the biggest «Shevchenko Easter egg» in the world.

«The diplomats will personally put lines from the works of the Great Kobzar in Ukrainian symbol of Easter, which would then be presented at the Sofia square on the Festival of Easter eggs», – stated in the message.

As stated by the ideologist and co-organizer of the project of Vlada Litovchenko, this year in celebration of 2018 as the Year for cultural heritage in Europe and the Year of cultural heritage in Ukraine, to Shevchenko days will be prepared by a number of events with participation of diplomats, statesmen, scientists and progressive youth.

«In particular, the ambassadors will take part in videofilename «Zapovit DNA Svit», where they will recite the poem in different languages,» said Litovchenko.

The competition is organized by the international Fund for cultural cooperation and the Kiev national University of culture and arts with the support of Kyiv regional state administration, Management of culture, nationalities and religions KOGA, National Museum of Taras Shevchenko, the Vyshgorod historical and cultural reserve and the international ethno-cultural project Folk Ukraine.

According to the organizers, the diplomats will meet with students and tell them about the iconic literary figures of their countries and also about the creative periods of Taras Shevchenko, associated with their homeland.

«March 6 in the Knook will be the same name discussion platform with the participation of public figures and academics, diplomats, historians, cultural figures, representatives of local authorities and students. Participants will discuss the work of the Great poet, especially foreign periods,» added co-organizer Inna Kostyrya.

The ceremony «We DNA Shevchenkove the word» will take place on 6 March at 11.00 am at the Kiev national University of culture and arts to the address: street., 36.

The day of the birth of Shevchenko, March 9.

Photo: Mineralni Foundation for cultural cooperation / Facebook

Shevchenko days in Ukraine: foreign ambassadors will paint unique Pysanka in Kyiv on March, 6 27.02.2018

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