Shepelev: I’m happy. Not long live the past

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev called people who criticize him, to do with their lives. The post he posted to Instagram.

«Critics and commentators, all advisers who know exactly how I should live, clever, who knows how I am obliged to raise my child, dirty languages, the naive audience, who are accustomed omnivorous to believe everything indiscriminately, outraged the guardians of morality, teachers, applicants, advisers, all those who know exactly how how was and who is to blame, haters and thugs, all those who sends the curse and could not restrain his indignation, to all of you I’m sorry,» said Shepelev.
He said that pity cause anger, stupidity and gullibility.

«I have nothing to reproach myself. I have nothing to explain and nothing to justify. My child is happy. I’m happy. Not long live the past, in which you enjoy fumbling. Place your order in their exemplary lives. Until then, calm down, crazy. Take care of yourself and your problems. With the New year. Good for you all,» wrote the presenter.

Shepelev: I’m happy. Not long live the past 26.12.2017

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