Shenderovich: We live in a rather heavy historical bedsore

Russia is in a «historic bedsore» that can last centuries until the country finally will die, said the Russian writer Victor Shenderovich, the radio station «Echo of Moscow».

«We live in a rather heavy historical bedsore. Blood circulation is minimal. This is not the corpse, but the blood is very weak. This is not normal tissue, is the necrosis of the tissue. Historical necrosis, I’m not a doctor and how long can necrosis of tissue from a living person, until I finally wither away, I don’t know. History has clearly a longer time», – he said.

The writer noted that the stagnation in Russia can last for decades and centuries.

«In our case went, I think, for centuries. To avoid necrosis. And it shows in everything. That the elite goes on the bow, that the people that we prayed and worshipped which includes the headquarters of a scoundrel and thief, a criminal and killer. And nothing, continue to walk the streets. And not empty rooms in their theaters,» he said.

Shenderovich said that the elite of the Russian Federation became the head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin and the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

«Nikita Belykh (ex-the Governor of the Kirov region. – «GORDON») and the Minister (ex-Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation. – «GORDON») in jail. Sechin and Kadyrov at large. Everything you wanted to know about our political elite. Our media presented by our great former colleagues, including NTV. And so on. This degradation is the necrosis of the tissues. It is already very noticeable. It is very noticeable. It continues. Nothing new, by and large, no longer occurs. Just shimmers from blue to purple. The bedsore. Something is happening inside but these are details», he concluded.

Shenderovich: We live in a rather heavy historical bedsore 24.12.2017

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