Shenderovich: the Count of Monte Cristo Putin did not work — he would now stay in the housing that is not tied

The people of Russia are vassals of the «non-tribal chief» in a degrading public institutions, so the question of participation in elections the journalist Ksenia Sobchak or opposition leader Alexei Navalny is not worth it. This opinion was expressed by the Russian writer Victor Shenderovich in Facebook.

«You can try to improve their vassal position, beating the other vassals in the competition for access to resources on feudal. And you can try to get free. The first step is to admit that this is two different tasks. The count of Monte Cristo, Vladimir Putin did not come out (I’m not talking about the material and about the historical part of the question) – he would now stay in the superintendent to not tied. And the elections – such Thermopylae, through which can not pass without losses,» – he wrote.

The writer noted that «the Kremlin craftsmen» struggled removed the day of the elections, postponing them for two years.

«But these two years have already almost passed. Now they blood from a nose it is necessary to slip through March of 2018: we need legitimacy. And for this you need again to get the Russians on the same dusty of the circus, which in past years has already otkovyryat all the so-called political elite – from Khakamada to Umar Dzhabrailov, – not to mention a friendly team of leaders of the «system opposition», the most reliable of which delight our eyes on the arena for three decades. But old horses with plumes but it does not go: get», – he stressed.

Shenderovich added that even a gifted leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has already «fills the cashier, although consume regularly».

«Essential friendly team of clowns (and the brighter and newer the better) who will publicly maul each other and whip the foam, portraying the democratic process, competitive and uncompromising (in a pre-agreed framework) polemics with Putin… So at the end of this presentation, as usual, left uncontrolled Asian fraud, the government could make the country and the world «supporting the people» and stay in the bins and no criminal prosecution,» he said.

The writer noted that such programs were executed by the authorities repeatedly, so I can’t give them the opportunity to feign legitimacy.

«For this (simple things remind) should unite around the one who is the greatest organizational threat to the power thieves, as the last stage of history very different forces United around Boris Yeltsin,… the Man who symbolizes the possibility of his release today, his name is Alexei Navalny. So it turned out. I would, of course, would prefer that his name was Havel (or at least Yavlinsky), but it’s not about my desires, but on reality,» he continued.

Shenderovich added that the Russian Havel remained a dissident, and leader of Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky has become «a familiar part of the electoral landscape», appearing once in four years to capture the marginal seat of liberalism in Russia.

«Human, environment, administrative and criminal terror for many years collecting thousands of protests across the country, call, remind, Alexei Navalny. And only today he poses a real threat to Putin and Co. In this pre-election landscape appears and Ksenia Sobchak. The right to receive it, of course, is what the dispute. But we have a right to look at her biography to ask: why? Or even: what if? Don’t even ask her – what, in essence, the difference is that she will answer? To such questions the person does not answer with words but with life, clear after committed and committed actions. Reputation, pardon the expression,» – said the writer.

He noted that it does not matter, asked Sobchak to run for office in the Kremlin or is it initiative.

«The main (for us) the answer is obvious in any case: Ms. Sobchak is not planning to remove Putin from power! If you suddenly lose your mind and plan, we understand this new search at her home, with the withdrawal of all. And in the meantime, let’s stay within the framework of our knowledge of the world,» – said Shenderovich.

According to the writer, the political balance of the election in Russia is very simple.

«If in the electoral lists will not Bulk, this isn’t an election, from the word «all». The simulation of democracy it is necessary to actively sabotage: junta junta she is, and do not figure to hang Strasbourg lace on this vohr. If the Kremlin, relying on spoilers and administrative resources, all-taki will risk to allow Bulk list – it is necessary to bring to light spoilers, to unite, to vote, to pounce on the control and try to remind the junta, who in the house the owner (of the Constitution); it is necessary to try to prevent another usurpation of power that has been designated for March 2018. The plan of action for those who want to freedom, is absolutely clear», – summed up Shenderovich.

Shenderovich: the Count of Monte Cristo Putin did not work — he would now stay in the housing that is not tied 27.09.2017

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