Shenderovich: Near KGB, Gestapo is the preparatory group of kindergarten

In Russia 100 years after the beginning of the terror of the Cheka–OGPU–NKVD–MGB–KGB are willing to celebrate the anniversary of a criminal organization, the successor of which became the Federal security service (FSB) of Russia. This was told by Russian writer Viktor Shenderovich, the radio station «Echo of Moscow».

«It is a criminal organization, which the Gestapo is the preparatory group of kindergarten. Simply because of time… They could compete in the sense of intensity in the best of times. But only those 12 years was released and this 100 already pereryvchik», – he said.

The writer emphasized that security officers working in Russia for 100 years.

«Summer will be, I think in the summer the centenary of the visual signal of the great terror. When the blood began to flow to officially state go-ahead. This repressive criminal organization. And a hundred years after its occurrence all the people who have nostalgia for this organization, would be to simply sit in the underground hollow. So imagine, someone will begin to celebrate the anniversary of the Gestapo», he stressed.

According to Shenderovich, the younger generation in Russia has already forgotten about the crimes of the security services.

«They watch TV, TV the last 17 years poured poisonous shit in the head. Poisonous shit. And once again it’s the toxic shit poured on the centenary of this criminal organization,» he said.

The writer noted that in a normal country with a free press after the statement in support of the Cheka, the press would have published the photos and biographies of tortured people.

«And America was absolutely shameful pages. And journalists engaged in investigating, I pulled it out. And for far less things the presidents went, Nixon got impeached. Defense Minister Rumsfeld has for Guantanamo Bay to resign. And Guantanamo unearthed by The Washington Post. And you heard anything about the filtration camp «Chernokozovo»?… Guantanamo Bay is, again, the preparatory group of the kindergarten, near the Chechen filtration camp «Chernokozovo», where the bodies were taken by trucks,» he concluded.

20 December in Russia day of the worker of security agencies.

Shenderovich: Near KGB, Gestapo is the preparatory group of kindergarten 24.12.2017

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