Shenderovich: a Kind of Zhirinovsky receiving a mug with water, somewhat redeems the vulgarity of the pre-election phenomenon Sobchak

The candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation Ksenia Sobchak has increased its rating, calculating pouring live of the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. This opinion was expressed by the Russian writer and publicist Viktor Shenderovich in Facebook.

«We should accept that zhirik receiving direct Federal the air in the mug with a glass of water, and even in the days of memory of Boris Nemtsov, somewhat redeems the vulgarity of the entire campaign of the phenomenon of Xenia anatolevny Sobchak» – he said.

The writer noted that in connection with this story he had questions.

«When, many years ago, happened archetypal episode that formed the basis of today’s (and I have little doubt that the current throw water in the face Zhirinovsky has been prepared and it is comprehended in this context), I reasoned that it is impossible for a decent person to debate with this, Mr. it is precisely because of the obvious paradox: Zhirinovsky, splashing water water in the face of an opponent increases your rating (in your electorate), and an intellectual who made the same, your rating (in your electorate) down,» wrote Shenderovich.

He explained that to win in rudeness Zhirinovsky is impossible, therefore, from the lidar, the liberal democratic party need to keep «sanitary distance».

«On the vulgarity and rudeness it can’t be beat, and got up close, you will automatically be in this field. And now – welcome to shave! From liberal values came person with a strong, calculating brain and without intellectual complexes and urila zhirik his boorish territory. Being a woman, which is particularly sensitive to the animal. Urila – and of course this has increased your rating! This is the change of scenery,» – said the publicist.

Shenderovich said that moral principles Zhirinovsky this time has not changed, but the ideas of Russians about the rules has changed markedly in 25 years as the leader of the liberal democratic party.

«Zhirik uryli, – it now remains to paratartaric Shevchenko (journalist Maxim Shevchenko. – «GORDON»), to surpass the effrontery Maria Zakharova (speaker of the foreign Ministry. – «GORDON») and Polish the snout Norcino (attacked a guest in the Studio of the Russian TV presenter Andrey Norkin. – «GORDON»). After this will only shoot Kadyrov (head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. – «GORDON»)… I understand the logic of the development of the democratic process in Russia? So we will win?» – he wrote.

Shenderovich added that it is not trying to engage in moralizing.

«If you came to live with Zhirinovsky, it is necessary to splash water on his face immediately, not even waiting for the rudeness. This is just an attempt to guess what the horizons of liberalism waiting for us round the corner» – he concluded.

Shenderovich: a Kind of Zhirinovsky receiving a mug with water, somewhat redeems the vulgarity of the pre-election phenomenon Sobchak 28.02.2018

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