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Ukrainian resource-sharing closed.

This is stated in a statement posted on the website of the resource on Wednesday 16 November.

Administrators ask users to delete files from their archives on the site until November 30.

The owners of the resource indicate that he worked in the legal field.

«Not everyone liked this interpretation of the law, but the resource has always respected the laws of Ukraine. adhere to copyright, have consistently affirmed the rapid response to any violations at the site. In this case, the resource does not approve of the system of distribution and management of copyright, which exists today», — said in a statement.

The statement noted that «the latest legislative initiatives in the field allegedly to combat piracy are all signs of the uncivilized lobbying.»

«The new law, which is the signature of the President, makes it unprofitable to compliance: he will act only against those who try to follow it. It would encourage disregard for copyright», — reads the statement, which States that benefit from it will receive only a foreign company.

« always identified themselves as a national file storage and rejected any «suggestions» related to the change of the domain zone and the territory of broadcast. The name for EX.ia is unacceptable,» the statement said.

The administration of the resource and notifies users that this service will soon be migrated to the new domain.

«Over the past year had a chance to feel the direct threats, blackmail (including at the international level), of a DDOS attack. These actions endanger personal information and personal files that are stored on the resource,» the website reported.

Service opposed to the President signing the law «On state support of cinematography in Ukraine», adopted by the Verkhovna Rada at the end of September 2016, as it believes that this document will restrict the rights of Ukrainian companies.

«Will benefit only foreign companies. The Ukrainian right-holders will not receive more money. And the Ukrainian audience will get less freedom of choice,» — said

As earlier reported, law enforcement authorities announced the closure of the resource for violations of copyright and related rights.

Recall that the resource previously it was closed as part of the case on violation of copyright and related rights. Then, in early 2012, under the weight of public opinion and with the filing of hackers who staged a mass DDoS-attacks on websites of state institutions, law enforcement officers turned the case and the resource came back to life.

Sharing closed 16.11.2016

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