Shared the Facebook Like button emoticons on six

Social network Facebook on February 24, added the expression of six diverse reactions to the posts, according to a press release from the company.

Now every post can be evaluated using one of the smilies that were named «Like» (Like), «Like» (Love), «Haha» (Haha), «Wow!» (Wow), «Sympathize» (Sad) and «Outrageous» (Angry). These six reactions will be available when clicking on the «Like»button.

Under the post from now on will show the total number of expressing any emotions users.

In Facebook explained that while the algorithm of formation of news feeds will remain the same (all six buttons of emotion will be considered as the usual «likes»), but in the future when the company collects more data about user behavior, it will be changed, reports the edition «Elephant».

The «Like» button (Like) appeared in Facebook in 2010. Since then have repeatedly appeared and refuted the rumors that will be added and the button «dislike» (Dislike). Last September, the founder of social network mark Zuckerberg said that a Dislike button would be like not to vote against publication, but rather to the expression of sympathy.

Shared the Facebook Like button emoticons on six 25.02.2016

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