Shabunin: the FBI conducted NABOO joint operation. It’s perfectly legal. Lutsenko it is time to learn procedural code

The head of GPU, Yury Lutsenko wants to destroy the intelligence network of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine has declared to the edition «GORDON» the head of the Center of counteraction of corruption Vitaly Shabunin, commenting on the publication of the state office of public Prosecutor of these agents of NABOO, working undercover.

«The Prosecutor made impermissible for any normal country thing leaked personal data, the names and photos of undercover agents. To do this, a person must be crazy like a shell. In any normal country, the official zasvetilsya undercover agents fired on the same day. This is a blow to the ability of enforcement agencies to implement operational activities. None of the undercover agent now does not feel safe. It is a matter of life and death. Why GPU showed documents and photographs of the two agents NABOO? They want to destroy the network of undercover agents. No other explanation for these actions. The attorney General specifically lit network of undercover agents to NAB» – said Shabunin.

According to him, Lutsenko’s statement that NABU cooperation with the FBI is illegal, is not true.

«You can even imagine that someone could illegally get the FBI involved to some activities? The FBI conducted NABOO joint operation. It’s perfectly legal. Lutsenko it is time to learn procedural code. First, FBI is not secret service. Second, there is a big difference between operations and joint operations. There must be some border of thoughtless actions. Lutsenko violated it several times already. But now he has jeopardized the lives of not only Ukrainian agents, but also potentially the FBI. This is a blow to the heart of the operational work of all law enforcement bodies of the country. Now the NABOO will have to rebuild part of his intelligence network. The recovery process will take far more than one month. It’s hard work,» – said the source.

In his opinion, because of the situation around the operation to NAB in respect of the Deputy Chairman of the State migration service of Ukraine Dina Pimanova, injured the reputation of the whole country.

«The case of the Deputy head of the migration service is not only the issue of corruption in Ukraine. Pimanova for $30K agreed to give the documents to the citizen of Iran. This country is under international sanctions. It’s just a huge scandal on the level of intelligence and law enforcement world. This is very hurt the reputation of Ukraine. And the head of the GPU strikes on the people, which is all exposed. Such actions are a signal to everybody that the attorney General together with the security service to protect corrupt officials, which threatened the effectiveness of international sanctions and regulations. SBU and GPU are fighting against NABOO, protecting the corrupt. Including in their ranks,» said the Shabunin.

Published on 1 December the Prosecutor General’s office video shows photos of agents NABOO undercover Catherine Sikorska and Sergei Boyarsky. Was also shown niezarejestrowana cars with license plates that used sikorska.

Sikorska under the name Sivokon helped to collect evidence in «amber case», the persons involved which are the MP from the «people’s front» Maxim Polyakov and vnefraktsionnyh MP Boryslav Rozenblat. Sikorska was doing work undercover, kept a hidden record of deputies and gave them bribes.

On 29 November, the SBU detained «agent Catherine» and the boyar among the seven other employees of NABOO, who was working undercover on a case about corruption at the State migration service of Ukraine (GMSU). December 1, GPU conducted her search.

Boyar disguised as an employee of the Arab investment Fund «Mubadala» Sergei instead tried to strike up a friendly relationship with the Deputy Chairman GMS Dina Pimanova, which, according to the NAB, has repeatedly voiced the requirement to obtain «encouragement» in the amount of $30 thousand – a first for a positive decision on granting a foreigner the citizenship of Ukraine, and subsequently for granting a residence permit on the territory of Ukraine.

Lutsenko said that the agent NABS who tried to bribe Pimanova, law enforcement officers listened in for two months. «The question to drink with her wine, but something stronger… Discussed the issues of intimate and other», – Lutsenko told. According to him, it’s immoral and illegal actions.

Shabunin: the FBI conducted NABOO joint operation. It’s perfectly legal. Lutsenko it is time to learn procedural code 04.12.2017

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